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how can a web marketing company help my business on facebook

Web Marketing Company | How Can I Design an Effective Facebook Ad?

Over one billion people use Facebook. They are searching for, engaging with and posting content every single day. Think of all that advertising…
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which wins in the battle between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads | Where Should My Business Invest Energy?

If a small business is looking for a way to grow in the digital world, they often look towards Facebook ads and Google…
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should i use facebook marketing or television advertisements

Facebook Marketing vs Television Advertisements | What You Need to Know

In recent years, we have seen Facebook take aim at TV marketing with tremendous success. When properly utilized, Facebook marketing can drive more…
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Which is better Facebook ads or billboards ads?

Billboard Ads vs Facebook Ads | What’s the Difference?

Billboard ads and Facebook ads have a competitive history that started in 2007, which is the year Facebook ads were introduced. Businesses have…
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Facebook Ads | Should My Business Be Investing in Facebook?

Facebook is the largest and most widely used social media platform today. By the end of 2016, Facebook was just shy of 2…
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what are you doing wrong in Facebook marketing

Marketing with Facebook | How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Facebook

There are countless outlets of social media available for businesses, but by far marketing with Facebook is the most used. 72% of adult…
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How can I use Facebook advertising in Fort Lauderdale to get more customers?

Facebook Advertising in Fort Lauderdale | 15 Fast Facts

With over 1 billion daily active users, it’s no surprise that Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for businesses to advertise…
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how to avoid making common social media mistakes?

What Are Common Social Media Mistakes? | Internet Marketing Tips

Social media accounts for business purposes can provide a variety of benefits for companies in almost every field.  However, there are some common…
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South Florida Social Media Marketing | How to Build a Social Media Following

When it comes to bringing in more business, your marketing strategy is everything. That’s why we have a convenient checklist for your 2017…
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When do i start using social media advertising for my business?

Social Media Advertising | Important Facts You Need to Know

The advertising game has been changed forever and social media advertising will remain a prominent part of any business advertising budget. Social media…
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