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Do you need a live chat company to help add live chat to your website?

Live Chat Company | 4 Major Benefits of Live Chat for Business

Live chat is in the beginning stages of becoming a major staple in business models. Customers, now more than ever, are favoring online…
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online review management for negative facebook reviews

Online Review Management I How to Respond to Negative Facebook Reviews

Facebook is a powerful tool that allows businesses to engage, connect, and establish trust with their clients. These pages also have the added…
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Promote your business correctly on social media!

5 Tips To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Promote your business the right way. In the digital age that we live in that means utilizing social media correctly. You didn’t know…
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Need Help figuring out how to manage social media? Social brand management is a new concept to you? We can help.

How To Manage Social Media | What Is Social Brand Management?

Social media channels have changed the game when it comes to customer interaction. Long gone are the days of customers sending in letters to…
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yelp review case study for dental practices

Yelp Review Case Study | Dental Practice

Online reviews are essential for all businesses. And in the world of online reviews, Yelp reigns supreme.  Yelp has become so popular over…
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customer retention with social media

Customer Retention | How to Keep Customers using Social Media

Customer retention is essential for any business. Loyal customers are great assets. Not only do they keep coming back for more, they also…
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Why Did Instagram Change Its Logo Design?

Instagram has officially changed its logo design. This Facebook-owned photo sharing social media platform debuted their new logo design on May 11th. Instagram used…
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facebook marketing mistakes

Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook marketing is an essential part to any business’s social media strategy. But just having a Facebook page doesn’t mean that you’re using…
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do not use the yellow pages

Yellow Pages Doesn’t Work | Why You Should Switch

The yellow pages are dead. Just think: when was the last time you pulled out the yellow pages to look up a business…
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What are the most effective types of visual content

6 Most Effective Types of Visual Content | Internet Marketing

If you want your business to get noticed, then you need to create visual content. Our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text alone. Moreover,…
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