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When do i start using social media advertising for my business?

Social Media Advertising | Important Facts You Need to Know

The advertising game has been changed forever and social media advertising will remain a prominent part of any business advertising budget. Social media…
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how to use twitter marketing strategy for business

Twitter Marketing Strategy | Using Twitter for Business

Can you promote your business in 140 characters or less?  Creating a Twitter marketing strategy requires fitting into the formula of communicating with…
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how to use social media for customer service

Social Media Customer Service | How to Interact with Customers Online

Tweets, likes, pins, posts, shares, snaps... oh my!  For some businesses, these words may not seem relevant.  However, most consumers are engaging with…
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Best social media strategy for Wellington Florida

Wellington Florida Social Media Marketing Strategy

Anyone who has lived in Wellington Florida long enough knows it is the horse capital of Florida.  This town located in central Palm…
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how an internet marketing company uses social media for kitchen remodeling companies

Social Media for Kitchen Remodeling Companies | Internet Marketing Company

You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on their cell phone. Odds are—they’re texting or tweeting, and you should be too! With 2.8…
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How to optimize your Fort Lauderdale social media marketing

Fort Lauderdale Social Media Marketing | Your Exclusive Guide

Does your business have a prosperous Facebook page? Are you tweeting interesting updates to potential customers? Are you posting fun, industry-related photos on…
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Social media for restaurants is key for more business.

Social Media for Restaurants | Top Five Techniques

Restaurants are all around us. From fast casual to fine dining, there’s always something out there to satisfy our cravings. While most of…
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social media case study of dental practice

Social Media Case Study | Dental Practice

Is your business present on social media? If not, then it should be! Every year, social media plays an increasingly important role for…
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5 Benefits of Social Media | Internet Marketing Strategy

There was a time that social media was considered a passing fad and something that businesses couldn’t really benefit from.  That time is…
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Social Media Case Study | Fashion Industry Company

A social media strategy is important for any business. Not only does social media contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), it’s also just…
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