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Did you evaluate your online marketing strategy for 2016 yet? If you’re online strategy wasn’t as successful as you would’ve liked it to be, then now is the time to make some improvements! A strong online marketing plan can help your business increase brand awareness, get more leads, and overall grow. So what does a strong online marketing plan look like for 2017? We’ve put together a few tips to help you start to get ready so you can make 2017 your most successful year yet!

Key Tips for a Successful 2017 Online Marketing Plan

Update Your Website

The digital world is competitive, so businesses really need a website that captures user’s attention. A few simple things you can do to update your website for the new year is changing the design. For example, if your web design is outdated it may be time to upgrade to a newer look. Even small changes for a fresh look can help attract new business for the new year. What was popular a few years ago in terms of web design, probably isn’t any more. If you want to keep up with competition, you need to stay on top of user’s ever-changing preferences.

How to create the best online marketing plan for the most successful 2017


While you should be aware if everything on your site is working properly all the time, the new year is a great time to make sure. Go through each page and make sure buttons are working how they should be and that pictures are loading properly. These small issues could cause you to lose a lot of potential customers, so start the new year off right knowing your site is working the best it can. Take note of load time also. A slow website means a slow start to the new year. Not only does this have a negative affect on the user’s experience, but it also will start to affect SEO more in 2017, which leads to our next tip!

Improve Your SEO Strategy

Google is saying to expect site speed to be a larger ranking factor when it comes to SEO in 2017. This means you need to get your site loading faster ASAP. And that’s not the only thing you can do when it comes to improving your SEO strategy. When is the last time you researched keywords? Keyword research is an ongoing effort for a successful SEO strategy. If you haven’t done it since your campaign started, it’s time to do it again. Maybe you’re trying to rank for too competitive of keywords and need to include more specific phrases. But you won’t know that unless you analyze and do some research! We’ve seen many SEO changes in the past, so we can expect even more in 2017. If you stay up to date with the changes, you can keep improving your SEO all year long for the best results!

Better Your Social Media Presence

As you may know, social media is the number one online activity. If so many people are using social media, so should your business! If you’re not now, create pages on all platforms for your company in 2017 so you can reach a wider audience. Some people may not be on Twitter but are on Facebook. If your business is only on Twitter, you’re missing out on the Facebook audience that don’t have Twitter accounts! Avoid this mistake by just creating pages for each platform!

The best tips for your online marketing plan for 2017!


Another way you can better your social media for the new year is to focus on more creative content. This will better attract your audience and encourage them to engage with the post. However, with more engagement means you need to better manage your pages. As we saw this past year, more people than ever are going to social media as a customer service outlet. Make it a point this year to better manage your pages so your consumers have a great first interaction with your business.

Hire an Online Marketing Company

The last thing you can do to help make 2017 your most successful year is to hire an online marketing company like Digital Resource! We can make the start of 2017 easy and handle all of your internet marketing for you! With the most successful SEO campaigns, the best social media strategies, and most eye-catching websites you can’t go wrong! Contact us at 561-429-2585 to get started with your online marketing plan! You can also request a FREE internet marketing analysis with us today!

Jenna graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Alabama and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and marketing experience from her schooling and internship programs. Having handled many clients on numerous occasions, she is customer service oriented and provides assistance in a professional and friendly manner.

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