5 Methods for Rehashing Your Evergreen Content

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  • 44% of referral traffic goes through Google.
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When it comes to optimizing your content one of the best thongs you can do is to go through your evergreen content and find things you can update and re-release to freshen them up and get more attention.


Evergreen content is more permanent content on your pages that draws visitors and attention slowly over time, without needing to be constantly updated. This could be a how-to blog or a list of recipes posted online, for example. Keeping this content fresh can do wonders for increasing traffic across platforms.


Optimize for Social Media

Convert your traffic.

Here you will want to find the evergreen content that has been bringing you the most attention, and optimize it for your social media sites, this way you have a much higher chance of converting your blog or web traffic into social media traffic, increasing your activity off of your most trusted content. Simple solutions for these involve embedding ads, video, or links that all direct more traffic towards social media. Ideally, you want your social media to boost content readership and vise Versa.


This will make your best evergreen content even better and trust-worthier as time goes on. Social media is your bread and butter in terms of getting attention, so combining your social media accounts with your best evergreen content can have some impressive results on how much attention you’re getting online. In optimizing your social media you should still be taking into account your keywords and how you are optimizing for search results as well, you want your evergreen content to be as discoverable as possible in the first place. Optimization is the key to success.

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Curate Older Posts

Re-release older content for new readers.

Taking stock of what older blog posts you have that were successful and repackaging their content is a great way to keep it fresh and make sure that you’re getting the most out of your best work. One way to do this is to find useful bits of information from previous blogs or posts like lists and recipes for example and compiling them into a sort of greatest hits posts that contain bits from all your older bits of content.


This way you can take the old content that you know is successful and will get views and repackage it so that it can work for you in new ways without having to come up with new content each time, which can be more time-consuming. This way you can recycle the best and leave the rest, resulting in a much higher conversion rate from website traffic into social media traffic, pending you have added videos, links, and images that go back to your social media accounts.

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Featured Content

Show off your best and bring out the rest.

Having a sidebar on your posts that has a list of featured articles that are not your best content, can draw traffic to the areas of your site that usually get less attention. This way you can make your writing more well-rounded in that there is a more even distribution of articles that are being opened so that not just a few articles are doing all the heavy lifting. Featured content should contain a combination of evergreen content and content that does not perform as well, to keep your list diverse.


Having these featured article bars might seem like a small addition, but it can have serious results for drawing more traffic to your writing. These featured article bars can even be added ads function on social media in the form of bio links or posts with links to your articles. This crossover can have dramatic results in terms of increasing your traffic and solidifying your readership.


Make a Sharing Schedule

Post evenly and often.

Because your evergreen content has so much potential to get attention compared to other content across your accounts and pages or posts, you should be making a point to share this content regularly so that you can increase the amount of attention these articles are getting. Because social media is the best way to share content to the most people at once, regularly posting your evergreen content can have some huge potential. Posting other content is a great way to diversify.


This will also make sure that you aren’t posting one piece of content too often or more than others, which can make it stale and cause it to lose its evergreen status. Schedules assist in evening out your posts and make them more likely to come up in searches. Increasing the discoverability of your evergreen content in combination with social media can have measurable results in terms of growth and ROI from your ads.

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Keep an Inventory

Know what writing is working.

Take the time to build a list of what content you have that can be considered evergreen content, and rank which bits have been the most useful and have brought in the most attention. This way you can make sure that you are sharing your best and keeping your best content where more people can see it. His way you can increase your visibility in general while bringing attention to the content you know will be likely to grab more visitors.


Combine that strategy with your schedule for regular posting, and you will have an unstoppable sharing strategy on social media for your best and most successful content. Ideally, you should have a list of content that is ranked, and then rotate that list in term of posting online, so that one article is not posted more than others, this can cause you to lose some of the optimizations you made in the first place. Keeping lists can be helpful for organization in general.


Keeping Content Fresh is Vital


Evergreen content can be even more successful for your business if you can harness its ability to draw visitors. Digital Resource is here to be your primary strategist for your next big optimization push. Give us a call if you have any questions about our services. We have the technical capability to optimize your enterprise with real results.

Tyler was born in Ocala, Florida, and raised in Miami. Tyler has earned a bachelors degree in English from Florida State University, and is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Digital Resource. As an experienced musician and writer, Tyler has a wide range of abilities to bring to the table in the most professional way possible.

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