5 Tips To Promote Your Business On Social Media

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Promote your business the right way. In the digital age that we live in that means utilizing social media correctly. You didn’t know there was a wrong way to use social media? There is, especially if you are a business and/or brand.  Social media marketing is not necessarily about following rules rather than about being disciplined. More so than implementing some random strategies, it’s about creating “habits” or processes that will lead you to social success. What works can vary somewhat depending on the business or brand you want to promote. However, there are universal truths in social media that I’ve learned in this industry, just like there are in traditional marketing.

Make sure to promote your business on social media the right way!

1.    Social Media Is All About Interaction

It’s called social media for a reason. In traditional media you create a message (billboard, TV commercial, magazine ad) and put it out there and wait to see how the market reacts. This can take weeks, months or longer to see the true effects of this approach. With social media you can see the response almost immediately. People can like, re-post and comment on the messages you put out on social media. This opens the door for you to interact with these potential customers immediately. Liking their comments, answering their concerns or thanking them for their positive feedback.

2.    Consistency Is Key, Complacency Is Death

This is a truth that can hurt. Too bad if it does. It is all too easy to get complacent and complacency and social media don’t mix. If you truly want to promote your business successfully then you need to have a schedule. Yes, a schedule. You need to plan your posts, be consistent on how often, around what time and on which social media platforms you will be posting. This will allow people to get used to seeing new posts and information from you on a regular basis.

Also, don’t take the easy route of selling, selling, selling. That’s not what social media is for. Instead of selling, selling, selling, try helping, communicating and answering. Social media is a great place to build trust. By answering questions and providing your expert opinion on how to solve common issues you see in your professional line of work you can establish relationships with future customers. By having social conversations that focus on you helping rather than selling, you make yourself a resource rather than a nuisance on peoples’ timelines.

3.    Show More, Tell Less

Ever since the caveman days, we sure have liked our pictures. Books tell great stories but movies bring them to life. This actually applies to social media when it comes to how you’ll promote your business. Pictures, infographics, memes and gifs, all mediums that can be used to convey a message much faster than it would be to write it. From showing your sense of humor to showing the difference between 2 products, a picture can say it all. On top of that, pictures are more shareable on social media. Thus multiplying the reach of your posts.

4.    Questions Raise Answers

Every once in a while, you might have something to announce. Perhaps you have a new service in the works. Have you asked your social audience about it to see what they think? Social media is a great feedback generator. Framing an announcement as a question can get you some insight into what the expectation of your audience is, allowing you to adjust your service prior to it being made available. This will allow you to create better products/services while enticing your potential customers by keeping them in the loop.

Social media is key to promoting your business in this digital age!

5.    Make Love, Not War When You Promote Your Business

Don’t fight in general. Don’t fight on social media either. Stay positive and keep your cool at all times. Anything posted on social media can be recorded and used against your business. One angry tweet can create long lasting damage to the reputation of your business. Not only that, but how does that help you promote your business? Simple, it doesn’t. Plus, people don’t want nor need to follow businesses that spread negativity. So stay classy, for your business and for your sanity.

If you want to implement a 360 degree social media strategy to properly promote your business in the digital realm, then you should consider working with an expert. The main benefit being that an expert can focus on your social media channels so that you can focus on running your business. We are Digital Resource, a digital marketing and web design agency in downtown West Palm Beach and love helping businesses grow through the internet! Contact us at 561-429-2585 or go to our website for a FREE internet marketing analysis.


Orlando has a Bachelors in Business Administration because he truly loves business. Helping businesses succeed in the digital age is one of his passions. The most important thing he believes in is teamwork. Success comes from helping and learning from teammates.

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