Ad Words Reporting | 5 Google Ads Features You Need to Know

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Google Ads are a great way to advertise your business on the world’s largest search platform. In order to get an edge above your competition, don’t focus on the basics. Instead, take advantage of these underrated Google Ad Words reporting features that can take your campaign above and beyond!

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Features You Must Take Advantage of:

1. Ad Extensions

For starters, ad extensions promote ad visibility as well as increase your CTR (Click-through rate). If you have sitelink extensions enabled, it is recommended to promote ad extensions once it is released. After the ad extension goes live, you will statistically see an 8% jump in your CTR.

2. Ad Reporting

Moreover, ad reporting is underrated because it requires tedious work. Your company must go through each report and analyze ad performance. The overall report shows who has the top positions and which position is best for you—based on budget and reach.

3. Automation

Adding on, automation is a great feature that should be used by advanced Google Ads specialists. This feature allows you to automate bids and bounce rate depending on your metrics strategy. At its most basic level, you can choose to turn a campaign off and pause them for a fixed number of hours.

4. Target Demographics

In particular, you can layer your target demographics through specialized ad features. For instance, you are able to tag anonymous visitors and filter them based on previous buying habits. Afterward, various combinations are systematized so you can choose the best option to optimize your campaign.

5. Display Ad Formats

Furthermore, be diverse in creating ad formats. A good rule of thumb is to differentiate your top banner and sidebar ads. You do not want them to look similar because they serve different functions. A top banner should have a catchy CTA and bold colors that grabs the reader’s attention. Sidebar ads should be streamlined and complement the site that it is advertised on.

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