Ad Words Reporting | Why You Need to Make Your Reports Visual

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It is essential that you are using the latest techniques to compile high-quality ad words reporting techniques. Reports can be overshadowed with too many words, but you can include real-time graphs and depictions of your campaign’s’ progress. Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your reporting with our tips and tricks!

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How Can I Compile Visual Reports?

1. Geography

In the first place, create a report that analyzes your campaign’s overall performance. Where are your clicks originating from? Are they neighboring towns or right in proximity to your company? Regardless, create a regional graph that highlights the origination of your clicks and which area is the most saturated.


2. Time

Moreover, it is important that you are analyzing data on time as well. What days of the week or what time are users clicking on your ads? This report is supposed to lay out the performance of your campaign and make the necessary adjustments.


3. Keywords

Furthermore, measure keywords based on your current Google rankings. You can try to incorporate your keywords as a table or chart with the aforementioned details. This gives you an idea of where your company’s position is now and how you can plan for the future.

Therefore, you can choose to keep the words that are performing best and brainstorm new words to keep the progress growing!


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Are You Looking for Effective Ad Words Reporting?

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