ADA Compliant Dental Website | Is Your Website Compliant?

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At the beginning of 2017, many dental practices began receiving correspondence from attorneys alleging that their websites have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act because they were not accessible to individuals with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act became a law in 1990 and it requires that all public accommodations, including retail stores, transportation, schools, and healthcare facilities, are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Recently, the topic of an ADA compliant dental website has become a hot topic because the law is requiring that dental office websites be accessible to persons with disabilities.

Getting dragged through a lawsuit is never an enjoyable experience, so your practice should consider making your website compliant before you become a target. Like all lawsuits, these types of cases are costly to defend. Make the decision to update your website before there are any problems. Continue reading if you’re wondering how your dental practice can avoid the risk of a lawsuit.

How can I make my business an ADA complaint dental website?How is an ADA Compliant Dental Website is Made?

While there is still no legal definition for an accessible website, it is still recommended that your dental website is compliant so that your practice isn’t at risk for a costly lawsuit. Very few website developers have the knowledge to design and construct an ADA compliant dental website. This is because most websites today are not fully accessible to users with disabilities. Adding an accessibility link in the footer of your website is the best and most effective way to make an ADA compliant dental website. This link is used to direct people with disabilities to a page that tells them what to do if they cannot access something on the website. Usually, this page will tell users to call the practice and have the website read aloud to them.

How Can Digital Resource Help?

The bottom line is that if your dental website is not accessible and up-to-date with ADA standards, you are opening your practice up for lawsuits. That is where Digital Resource can help you. To begin, we evaluate your website and then discuss the necessary steps to get your website ADA compliant as soon as possible.  Digital Resource is one of the few website design companies that know how to abide by these standards and keep your practice safe from lawsuits. We continue to stay on top of this growth and adjust our client’s websites to meet new guidelines as they are established.

How do you create an ADA complaint dental website? 

Is Your Dental Website Accessible?

ADA compliance is an important part of the usability of the Internet for people with disabilities. Is your dental practice ADA compliant? If not, you could be breaking Federal Law. Complying with the new regulations can be a daunting and overwhelming task and often requires a professional to update websites to meet the new ADA standards. Luckily, Digital Resource is uniquely equipped and knowledgeable about current ADA standards and how to abide by them. Contact Digital Resource today to speak with our website design team! We can come up with a plan to quickly make the necessary changes to your website. We are excited to speak with you about your business needs!

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