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With so many different Google Ads terms to become familiar with, it is tough to keep track of what is important. There are certain acronyms (like CPC) that are more important than others when examining your Atlanta Google Ads strategy. This Google Ads glossary will assist you in determining which ones are important and what they mean.


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Atlanta Google Ads Glossary

A/B Testing: Advertisement optimization strategy that compares two versions of a landing page or Google ad to determine which one performs better. A/B testing is also sometimes referred to as split testing.

Ad Extensions: Shows additional information in your ads like your phone number, business ratings, business location, and links to your webpage. There are manual extensions and automated extensions, which are automatically added by Google.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The action you want your searcher to take. Good calls to action are short and use action-oriented words.

Campaign Type: This is where you want your ads to be seen. Google has a few options for this. They are “search network only”, “display network only”, and “search network with display select”. “Search network only” means only Google searches. “Display network only” means your Google ad shows up on Google’s network of websites. And with “search network with display select”, you will show up in a combination of the other two campaign types.

Cost-per-Click (CPC): This is how much of your budget was spent to produce a single click on your ad. The cost-per-click is also the most common bid type on Google AdWords. It means you pay every time a person actually clicks on your ad. Furthermore, it is commonly referred to as “pay-per-click” or “PPC”

Daily Budget: How much you are willing to spend per day per ad. Your daily cost may vary because your cost is based on an average monthly spend.

Impressions: How many times your ad is shown to your audience.

Keywords: An extremely important aspect of your Google Ads. These are words or short phrases you choose for your ads that will determine where and when your ad will appear. To build the best keyword list, follow Google’s basic keyword tips. Begin by selecting a specific keyword to target specific customers. Then, select general keywords to reach more people. Once you have selected your keywords, be sure to group similar keywords into ad groups. Also, make sure you pick the right number of keywords and choose keywords that relate to the websites or apps your customers see.

Landing Page: The landing page is also a super important aspect of your Google AdWords campaign. Once your lead clicks on your Google ad, they are either calling you or are directed to a page on your website. The page on your website should be a landing page, where you can give the lead more information about what they are clicking on and you can collect data like their name and phone number.


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Knowing these terms for Atlanta Google Ads is just the beginning. It is important to make sure you are constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns to drive the most traffic to call or visit your site. Not sure where to go from here? Give Digital Resource a call to discover more about Google Adwords.

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