Atlanta Link Building | How to Use Link Building to Boost Your SEO

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The process of building links that go back to your site is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization. Atlanta link building involves getting external pages to link to a page on your website. But, how do you begin link building? Do you just ask another site to link to yours?

Start Atlanta Link Building with Content

To get started earning backlinks to your site, maintain a steady blog with excellent content.  This blog needs to be filled with content that is new and relevant to your customers. Consistently generating blog content that people want to naturally link to is one of the best ways to organically generate inbound links.

Best Practices for Atlanta Link Building

Link to Other Blogs

When you publish a blog, direct your readers to other blogs as well. The owners of those blogs will see that they are receiving traffic from your site and consider linking to your site in return. The more you link to a certain blog, the greater the chance you will receive a link back to your blog on their site.

Write Guest Blog Posts

Spend time writing a blog that would be a good fit for other sites in your niche market. Create the content and find the angle that will work best. Then, send it around to those sites. Typically, when a site accepts a post they will be willing to give you an inbound link within the post on their site.

Try Expert Roundups

There are other experts in your field that are using link building to grow your business. Round up those experts and begin to build relationships with them and other influencers. While these round ups may not get you’re a lot of links right away, building relationships with those influencers can get you backlinks later. Think about it like traditional networking, but online instead.

How to build online relationships with Atlanta link building

Monitor Your Brand

Are people mentioning you online? Find out! You can easily set up Google Alerts to monitor mentions of your brand. Visit, then type in the name of your brand. Be sure to include quotation marks around your brand if it is more than one word so you receive relevant results.

If you see that someone is mentioning you online, contact those webmasters about turning those mentions into inbound links to your site. Make sure this is only when it is warranted, like if someone is citing your blog in their blog. This tactic is referred to as “link reclamation”.

Keep Your Links Active

Most importantly, make sure the links you give to other sites remain active.  No one likes to receive the message “oops, that link isn’t valid”, especially if they were looking forward to your content.  That can disrupt the credibility you obtained using link building.

Not sure where to start with Atlanta link building?  Let Digital Resource assist you in building links to your site to boost your SEO. Take the first step and find out how well your current SEO strategies are working by requesting a free SEO analysis.

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