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These days, customer service tools are not one-size-fits-all. Different communication channel options offer different benefits to the company and to the customer. When it comes to more personalized, on-demand customer service, live chat and the phone are the most obvious options. They both allow personalized customer engagement and also allow for a customer to explain an issue or ask a question and receive an immediate response. Traditionally, phone support has been the standard, but as technology advances, there is a push towards live chatting instead of phone interactions. However, our Atlanta live chat company has found a few key differences between the two channels.


Proactive Support

One of the more notable differences between live chat and phone support is timing. Typically, phone support is reactive since the customer initiates the conversation. Online chat can be seen as positioned as proactive support channel. Furthermore, it may be the differences between a customer browsing your site and then leaving without buying anything or finalized a decision and checking out with a purchase. By hiring an Atlanta live chat company, agents can gently nudge customers towards a purchase, and/or answer any questions that keep customers from clicking “Buy.” This is something agents simply cannot do over the phone.

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Keep Records

Another key difference between live chat and phone support is the ability to record and review conversations with customers. While it is possible to record both channels, with live chat you have the ability to search through text to expose critical information. There is also the advantage of live chat analytics. These provide insight regarding referral links, operating systems, time spent on site, number of visits, and location.


Low Tolerance for Waiting

Live chat allows agents to simultaneously provide support to multiple customers. This is great for service departments that deal with high volume easy to moderate support requests. People hate waiting, and live chat can immensely decrease wait times while easing pressure on agents.


Customer Expectations

Customer’s expectations are constantly changing. Unfortunately, there is no single channel that will ever be able to meet all the needs of every customer. Your customers use a variety of different channels in their everyday lives. Social media is used to share experiences, instant messaging for quick updates, phone calls for in-depth conversations. They are taking those expectations with them into their customer service interactions.


Create An Experience Your Customers Will Love

An important step on the road to amazing customer service is to understand your customers’ communication preferences. Although we live in a technologically advanced world, many people still prefer the “old school” approach. On the other hand, there are customers as well as agents that are uncomfortable in conversation due to language issues or their personality. Live chat exchanges flow easily. Customer service agents who are great at solving customer issues but lack the right tone for phone support can excel at managing customer issues via live chat.

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Hiring an Atlanta Live Chat Company

Not only would live chat allow you to connect more with your customers, it would also bring make your business more successful overall. Now that you’re aware of the differences between the two support channels, you might consider hiring an Atlanta live chat company. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with any of your live chat needs.

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