Atlanta Live Chat | How Does Live Chat Work on My Website?

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Atlanta live chat plays an important role in lead generation for your business.  When someone visits your website, a live chat bar pops from the bottom of the page.  This chat screen allows your business to chat with visitors directly.

Best Practices for Live Chat

In the past, live chat was used solely as a support channel. But, times are changing! Increasingly, sales and marketing teams have found live chat to be an important tool when converting visitors.  The live chat feature is in front of the customers at the right time, uncovering new leads for the sales funnel.

Using Atlanta Live Chat for Lead Generation

When you have the ability to live chat with visitors, you have the tools to convert the visitor into a lead. Also, a lead could visit your website for more information about your business. In this case, you can use live chat to nurture your leads. This helps close the deal and convert leads into customers.

How to use atlanta live chat for lead generation

Attract More Visitors

A key feature in live chat is the ability to record the transcriptions.  Your team can dive into your live chat transcripts and uncover your prospects’ chief complaints and pain points. You can then create marketing strategy and content to address the exact complaints and pain points about you or your competition that Atlanta live chat has revealed.

Keep Your Visitors on Your Website

By enabling a live chat feature on your website, your visitors are able to receive answers to their questions in a timely manner.  A lot of visitors don’t want to pick up the phone to ask a question about your business, so they will ask a question in live chat instead. In order for the visitors to receive this answer, they will need to stay on your site. Voila! You have kept this visitor on your website, putting you that much closer to converting him into a lead.

Best Practices for Atlanta Live Chat

Customers Love Live Chat

Statistics have shown that 94% of customers who were proactively invited to live chat were somewhat or very satisfied with the experience.  And, if you own an e-commerce site, your customers want to hear from you before they click “checkout”. According to Kissmetrics, 44% of online consumers say having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Your customers on your site appreciate that you have the ability to aid in their online product-buying decisions without having to pick up the phone to chat with a customer service representative.

Get Started with Live Chat

It all starts with making a real-life connection with the visitor on your site.  Add your photo, name, and title to the live chat window to personalize that connection.  Once you add live chat to your site, make sure you are there to answer questions! If you’re not there to answer those key questions, you may risk not only defeating the purpose of the tool but perhaps leaving the visitor with a negative impression of your brand.

Last but not least, get creative! Offering incentives to participate in live chat can encourage visitors to initiate the chat. You can also use this live chat opportunity to invite a visitor to check out your company’s social media channels and leave a review on your site.

Start converting passive visitors to your site into customers! Digital Resource has all of the tools your business needs for live chat success.  Call us at 561-429-2585 or contact us online.

Jules is an experienced marketing professional from Jupiter, Florida. She has experience in social media marketing, with a unique focus on dental practices. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, Jules brings professional and creative ideas to the digital marketing field.

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