Atlanta Local SEO | How is Organic and Local SEO Different?

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Both local SEO and organic SEO start with a search. However, there is a key difference. Atlanta local SEO has a geographical component while a traditional search does not. Read on to learn why this is affecting your business’ ranking online.

What is Local SEO?

With local SEO, it matters where you are when you are searching for something online. If you enter “landscape designer around me”, you will receive local results. Even if you don’t add “around me”, Google will automatically think you only care about the companies that are near you. If you want a landscape designer in a different area, it is easiest to just add that city to your search.

How to get started with Atlanta Local SEO

What is Organic SEO?

With organic SEO, it doesn’t matter where you are when you are searching for something online. If you type in “gardening tips”, you will receive results from all around the web. Some organic SEO best practices involve including keywords and creating inbound and outbound links.

Organic SEO and Local SEO Work Together

Furthermore, organic SEO and local SEO affect each other.  Local listing citations are your friend because they provide links back to your website. These local citations also help your local SEO because they tell search engines where to find you. And, the best practices for organic SEO are still relevant for local SEO.

Why is This Important?

If you own a brick-and-mortar store or a company that only serves specific areas, it’s crucial to focus your efforts on local SEO. There’s very little ROI if the only people who are finding you online don’t live in the area and will never visit your store or need your services. Instead, use Atlanta local SEO to lure customers that live near your business.

Best Atlanta Local SEO practices

Getting Started with Atlanta Local SEO

To use local SEO effectively, it’s important to start with verifying your business location online. If the search engines don’t know where you are, how are they going to direct people to your location? Start by claiming your Google My Business account and verifying your address, phone number, website, and hours. Make sure all of this information matches what is on your website. Add at least 3 high-quality images for an extra SEO boost.

Do it Correctly!

Even though your SEO efforts are for search engines, in the end, it is what helps customers find your business online. When your organic and local SEO efforts are both done correctly, it can have a huge positive effect on your overall SEO. Search engines like when you update your content, so make sure to stay on top of what you are posting online.  Also, make sure you are providing relevant, unique content.

Google and other search engines have put more importance on what you are doing to improve your local SEO. Don’t wait! Get your business found in local search results with the assistance of your experienced digital marketing agency, Digital Resource. Request an instant SEO scan today.

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