Atlanta SEO | Why Does My Competitor Rank Higher Than Me?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the reason your competitor ranks higher than you on search engines, like Google. Not familiar with Atlanta SEO? SEO helps you direct potential customers to your website with the goal of increasing website traffic. Sounds simple, right? The concept is, but the variables that alter the ranking system are rather complex.

Where can I get help with Atlanta SEO

Why is Atlanta SEO Important?

There is a search engine algorithm that takes into account specific characteristics of your website in order to decide where you rank online when someone searches your business. Whether you intended to, or not, your website is ranked automatically and updated real-time by these search engines, so the time and resources dedicated to customizing Atlanta SEO preferences are undoubtedly worth it.

What Determines Search Engine Rankings?

Which preferences are needed to propel your business ahead of the competition? Each search engine has different criteria that they use to rank websites. Since Google is largest and most frequently used search engine we will focus on where it counts. There are over 200 aspects that Google uses to rank a website and they are constantly changing, so we will narrow down a couple of the most important attributes. It boils down to how well the search engines can read your website and how relevant the content is.

1. Technical Crawlability

The first and most important aspect of SEO is technical crawlability. If a website is not optimized to be analyzed by search engines, all efforts to promote that website are practically useless. Search engines send crawlers to each website in order to read and rank the content. The easier these crawlers can navigate through the website, the higher your site will be ranked. You can make it easy for these crawlers to navigate your website by providing a content sitemap or by notifying search engines when new content has been added or updated.

2. Relevance

The second factor that will dictate the success of your SEO efforts is relevance. The more relevant keywords and content your site have the higher it will rank. These “keywords” are relevant words and phrases that are commonly searched online. If you are looking for the “best lawyer in Atlanta”, you will likely google that phrase. Knowing this, you would want to include words like lawyer, attorney, defense, Georgia, and Atlanta to improve relevance and ultimately your SEO standing.

These strategies implemented together provide the digital conditions you need to surpass the competition. While these are just two of the many variables that determine your SEO rank, modifying the internals of your website and producing original quality content are enough to see a substantial improvement.what is the best Atlanta set company

Are Your Ready to Outrank Your Competitors?

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