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Let’s be honest – how to successfully design a website is way above most people’s heads. So, that’s why we entrust a web designer come in to take our jumbled thoughts and translate them to code. But, how do you ensure that your web designer is understanding what you are saying? A great Atlanta web design can make a world of difference for your business if it’s done correctly. So, here’s how to make sure you are articulating your site’s wants and needs effectively:

Ask Questions

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You should have a basic understanding of your designer’s process. Do they prefer to use a theme? Are they going to be using Dreamweaver? What do they need content-wise? Knowing the web design process can assist you with focusing future inquiries and how your website will develop. Every designer has their own style and way of doing things, so do not just assume. Put it all out there so everyone is on the same page.

Outline Your Needs and Goals

Each website serves a certain purpose. Your web designer needs to know what you want to get out of your website in order to build it properly. Before meeting with a web developer, make sure you have a list of what you want. This can be different features that guide the customer through checkout, or visuals that are meant to make your site visually appealing. Each developer has different capabilities, so be sure to spell out all details. Also, be sure to shoot your designer emails after every meeting and throughout the process to check up on progress. This will make sure the lines of communication stay open and deadlines are met.

Draw Inspiration

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When you do not know what a web design is capable of, it can be hard to narrow down what you want. Before your meeting with your developer, you should draw inspiration from other websites you think are awesome. Now, do not think that your web designer should just copy a site or that yours will look exactly the same. Use this to point out elements that interest you. Then, listen to your developer to see what he or she thinks. They may love it and be able to build that for you. Or, they will have a better idea! You are hiring them because you want their expertise, so make sure you trust them and are willing to give them some creative freedom.

Sketch It Out

You do not need to be an artist to sketch out a web page idea! There are several types of pages a website can have. Maybe you just want a landing page. Or, you will need a homepage, about page, blog, contact page, and more! So, whether you are starting from scratch or utilizing a theme as a base, you can make adjustments. Stick to simple geometric sketches and definite labels to keep things clear.

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