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what is content personalization?

How to Effectively Use Content Personalization in Digital Marketing

Personalized emails get an 18.8% open rate and a 2.1% click rate. 74% of website visitors get frustrated when web content isn’t personalized.…
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who can help me develop an seo strategy?

Creating Effective A/B Testing for SEO to Improve Conversions

A/B testing subject lines can increase your chances of getting people to click A/B testing allows you to find the ideal balance between…
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who can help me with video marketing?

Creative Ways You Can Promote Your Small Business Through Social Media Videos

80% of brand audiences prefer watching a live video to reading a blog post or an article Facebook has more than 2.32 billion…
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what is rich lead profiling?

How Customer Profiling Can Help Accelerate Your Business

Customer experience and acquisition has fast become a top priority for businesses, and this is no different for 2019 86% of buyers are…
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