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Establishing a company’s reputation online takes a strategic approach.  Once a website is built and social media pages are ready to go, content is needed to fill the space.  One common misconception about internet marketing is that once the framework has been made, success will come.  In competitive industries, effective B2B content marketing will decide the winners and losers online.

roi driven b2b content marketing strategy

Educating the Readers


When searching for information online, it is not difficult to see the difference between informative content versus common advertising.  Whether searching for legal help, a local dentist or landscaping services, the readers are looking for helpful information.  Before a purchase, especially expensive ones, the customer wants to feel assured they are making the right decision.  Whether a company products or services, they should have a wealth of information posted online about the features and benefits for the consumer.  B2B content marketing requires an additional level of professional quality.


Typically, the person who is reading your content will need to “sell” their co-workers on why making a purchase from your company is a good business decision.  Therefore, your content should empower the reader to understand the benefits of your product or service offering in detail.


Content is no longer limited to written words on a screen.  Other forms of content include infographics, data sets, videos and case studies.  Most people identify as “visual learners” and they benefit most from content such as how-to-videos and before-and-after photographs.  By providing visually stimulating content the message is more likely to resonate.



Optimizing the Content


While good content is interesting and informative, the most important aspect is the optimization for search engine rank.  First, identify which aspects of your business are most crucial to the company’s success.  These topics should be where you focus your B2B content marketing efforts.  Write detailed descriptions across your web pages including educational content.  If the information is good enough to be referenced by external sites, your website will gain authority and improve Google rank.  Be careful not to publish content that confuses your message and might damage your ranking for more important keywords.  Choose keywords that your potential customers would be searching for including location.  Publishing daily blogs or articles on topics that your company specializes in will help establish the brand’s reputation and improve SEO rank simultaneously.


Sharing the Content


As informative and optimized content is published, the work should be shared across various channels.  Share blogs across all social channels to increase readership.  Putting only a few dollars behind boosting a post on sites like Facebook & LinkedIn will help exponentially improve the reach of each blog.  Also, posting the blogs on relevant forums and message boards can be beneficial in certain industries.


how b2b content marketing works for business


Need Help With B2B Content Marketing?


Creating great content is a daily task and should be part of every company’s regular routine.  If this activity does not fit into the daily business model, perhaps outsourcing your content creation would be the best option.  Digital Resource specializes in implementing internet marketing strategies on behalf of their clients.  Contact Digital Resource to discuss how your company can improve online search engine rankings and drive leads organically with B2B content marketing.

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