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Companies who specialize in business to business (B2B) sales typically depend on finding quality sales leads to maintain their profitability.  In an increasingly digital world, the origins of these leads are evolving away from traditional prospecting methods.  When a potential client is looking at a company’s website, that is one of the best times to engage them in a discussion.  Website visitors are five times more likely to have a discussion with a B2B LiveChat support agent than they are to enter their information into a contact form.  This instant message interaction can be used to capture all the contact information as well as the prospect’s general interests and needs in most cases. Leads will help your business grow and a LiveChat will help you generate more leads. Keep reading to find out more benefits of a B2B LiveChat!

generating b2b livechat leads

Instant Satisfaction

One of the immediate benefits of implementing a LiveChat service on your website is the instant gratification that your prospective clients will enjoy.  Differentiate your business from competitors by instantly responding to questions and inquiries.  Other businesses in your space who do not use LiveChat cannot possibly respond to contact forms or emails as quickly as a support agent using LiveChat.  This amazing first impression can make the difference between a customer choosing your firm rather than your competition.

Build a Database

Database marketing is crucial for many B2B organizations.  This marketing strategy is used to update clients or prospects whenever there is a new service or product available and alert them of special offers.  A B2B LiveChat service captures leads more effectively than other website lead gathering methods.  Business professionals have become increasingly more frugal about giving out their contact information.  This is due to a proliferation of database marketing campaigns that fill email inboxes with spam.  Via LiveChat, prospects feel more confident sharing their contact details because they are having a real conversation rather than inputting their information into a computer.  This information is valuable for any company who utilizes database marketing.

Be a Resource

Many successful B2B companies are considered “thought leaders” in their respective industries.  This means providing clients with insightful knowledge that solves problems and makes their business run smoother.  When a potential client has a question, B2B LiveChat allows them to reach out to your company for assistance directly from your website.  These opportunities that start as simple questions often turn into valuable sales leads.  One question might lead the prospect to realize that they need assistance to solve an issue.  That is when the B2B LiveChat agents provide the right support and guidance to move that conversation towards a sale.

how to use b2b livechat for leads

Implementing B2B LiveChat

Has your business adopted this emerging internet marketing trend?  If your business is interested in testing out a B2B LiveChat service but does not have the additional employee time to commit, Digital Resource can help!  Our B2B support agents have experience converting instant message conversations into hot sales leads.  These leads are already interested in your services but may need an additional bit of customer support to take the next step.  Contact us today to discuss ‘LeadChat LIVE!’ our cutting-edge solution to B2B LiveChat needs.


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