B2C Live Chat | 5 Common Mistakes by Support Agents

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By now, you have visited websites that offer a feature to interact with a representative through an instant messaging window on the web page.  This service is great for easily converting new sales leads.  However, there are common B2C live chat mistakes that can reduce the positive effects of this great feature.  Avoid these five mistakes to increase the benefits from your company’s online chat service.

how to use b2c live chat

Not Answering

This is one of the most obvious, but all too common, mistakes made my LiveChat support agents.  When a chat is initiated on the website, the visitor should receive a response in no more than sixty seconds.  This level of activity requires the marketer to be fully committed to answering chat messages throughout their entire day.  To accommodate for day to day needs like lunch breaks and unexpected meetings, there should be at least two people per page who can take questions whenever the other agent needs to step away from their computer.  Not answering at all will frustrate the visitor and can discourage them from doing business with your company.

Asking the Customer to Call

Another common mistake made by web chat support agents is asking the page visitor to call your business too quickly.  Most likely, your website already has your phone number listed in several places.  Therefore, if the visitor wanted to call your office, they already would have.  Website chat services allow for convenient problem solving without the hassle of a phone call.  Processes like scheduling appointments and meetings should be worked out to be done right there on the site without needing a call.  The only time a live chat agent should ask for a phone call is following a long discussion that requires a more in-depth discussion.  In this case, the business should ask for the visitor’s number and call them, not the other way around.

Not Actively Listening

B2C live chat agents should be trained to identify customer needs quickly and with limited information.  Categorize the visitors based on the info they provide.  For example, some categories could be customers who need assistance with your product or service, potential client leads,  or visitors looking for price quotes, etc.  Each type of visitor will have specific needs that they would like addressed.  Actively listen to what they are trying to accomplish.  As a customer service minded professional your skills helping to solve their needs will make a big difference for repeat business and customer satisfaction.

Poor Grammar

An online support agent is a representative of the business.  This means that anything said by the agent via instant message is interpreted by the visitor as a direct quote from the company.  Common typing mistakes can give a very unprofessional appearance especially for businesses such as doctors’ offices, law firms or luxury brands.

Not Asking the Right Questions

Gathering information is an important role for the B2C live chat support agent.  The goal should be to capture the contact information of every visitor who chats on your web page.  This information will be crucial for measuring the results of the website and following up on sales leads.  Other good information to gather is how the visitor found your website and what needs they are looking to solve by approaching your company.  Before starting your role as a support agent, write some templated sentences that will be used to gather information from the visitors.

best practices for b2c live chat

B2C Live Chat Agents Are Now Available

Successfully using a live chat service on your website requires a dedicated effort.  If this task is too time-consuming or difficult for your company’s employees, consider hiring Digital Resource to handle this on your behalf.  Digital Resource live chat support agents will gather information on potential clients and pass the leads directly to your sales team.  All the online conversations will be reported to the business and new leads will be forwarded to your sales representatives in real time, with background info already gathered.  Contact us today to discuss if our live chat service is the best fit for your website.

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