8 Amazing Benefits of Online Marketing | Digital Marketing in Tampa

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Let’s talk about digital marketing in Tampa. To start off, I’d like to define what marketing is and go from there. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Digital marketing is when you take these activities to the online world. Instead of billboards, TV and radio we now focus on Google, Facebook and Twitter. The business landscape has changed and the cost-benefit ratio in digital marketing is much more attractive than it was in traditional marketing. We want to talk about some of the amazing benefits your business receives when focusing on their digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in Tampa

Digital Marketing In Tampa Has A Low Cost Of Entry

Your digital marketing strategy can be implemented with your budget in mind. Unlike traditional TV, radio and print ads, with online ads you can pay to only target your ideal audience. Just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you have to have a small digital marketing reach.

Easy To Measure (And Pivot)

One of the best aspects of digital marketing is the ability to see what works and what doesn’t almost immediately. From Google Analytics to the Facebook Ads platform, you have access to the numbers that matter to your business. How many people are clicking on each post? What day or time is most effective for you to post new content? What content is worth promoting and which is better to discontinue?

You Can Hang With The Big Guys

No longer do you need to fight for commercial spots on that hit TV show. No need to outbid your big box competitors for that billboard. Online, you are all on the same level. You can choose who you want to market to and how much you want to spend to reach them.

Results On Demand

You need more visitors right now? Create a Facebook ad to promote your website and have it up and running in less than 30 minutes. Want to start selling that new product you just got in? Take a picture and create an ad on Instagram to sell it, today! The only lead time you’ll have to deal with is however long it takes you to decide what to market!

Be Passive, Not Aggressive

Digital marketing is great because it’s nature is to complement the what your potential customers are doing on the web. Whether it is searching for services or products like yours or looking for new interests on Facebook.

Build Your Brand

Your brand reputation can be managed more effectively via online marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, with digital marketing you can get direct feedback from those who see it and get their reactions right away. Not only that, but if you come around a negative reaction, you as a brand can take action immediately. You can answer any questions, clarify any doubts and start the process of building trust, right then and there.

Go Worldwide

With the advent of the internet the barriers of communication have become almost nonexistent. Your business can now be seen by anyone in the world. So whether you have a multimillion dollar business with a big staff or whether you have a home office or are working out of your garage it no longer matters. You can now market your products and services around the world for a very low cost. You might be doing your digital marketing in Tampa, but you can have customers from around the world.

Reach Beyond Your Original Audience

Have you ever seen a flyer, either for your business or someone else’s? Besides the obvious goal of getting the reader to call or purchase the services marketed, what would the person who created the flyer want to happen? Maybe get people to pass it along to friends or family? Now with social media, you can have your pictures and posts shared with entire networks of people. By focusing on creating quality content for your website and social media channels you can get incredible long term results. By having social media share buttons available on your website, you enable your content to be shared quickly and easily. Now, through digital marketing, your message can have its reach grow exponentially. When a flyer was created, if more than one person saw each physical flyer that could be considered a success. Now, a single image or post can be shared with a user’s entire friend network on Facebook, a network usually in the hundreds.


It’s important for your business to take advantage of these benefits. To get the maximum benefits when creating your strategy for digital marketing in Tampa, you’re going to need an expert team on your side. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts can help you achieve your digital marketing goals. If you have any questions about the benefits of hiring a digital marketing company or about digital marketing in general, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re Digital Resource and we would love to help your business grow its digital presence! Call us at (561) 429-2585 or connect online today!

Orlando has a Bachelors in Business Administration because he truly loves business. Helping businesses succeed in the digital age is one of his passions. The most important thing he believes in is teamwork. Success comes from helping and learning from teammates.

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