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We’ve all been there—dealing with angry users on social media. Unfortunately, this is an aspect that can’t be avoided if you are looking to build credibility and engagement. Take a look at the best social media agencies and the techniques they possess!

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How Can I Go About Handling Difficult Users?

1. Early Detection

For starters, always check your client’s social media pages every day—twice a day. This is so you can maximize your time spent on their pages and detect bad comments early. Take time to read a bad review or a bad comment, in order to understand the customer’s point of view.


2. Establish a Plan

Moreover, create a thorough plan to deal with bad comments. Therefore, ask the client how they want to handle this. Sometimes, clients will draft a response to diffuse the problem. You can reply back to the negative comment with this or draft your own.


3. Don’t Argue

Last but not least, do not argue back with a user on clients’ social pages. It reflects badly on the legitimacy of their company and only makes the situation worse. Be reasonable throughout the response and admit your faults. Even if the company has no hand in the matter, admit you are wrong anyway. It shows that the company has humility.

Plus, devise an alternative solution that may benefit the angry commenter.


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Are You Looking for the Best Social Media Agencies?

All in all, our team is dedicated to providing personalized social media creation and management for your company. There is nothing better than diffusing a tough situation, and only we can promote a friendly approach. Social media can be tackled if you have the right tools available. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our digital marketing consultants!

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