The Best Way to Run Your Social Media Contests

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Social media contests are a great way to have your clients engage with your business!  From something as simple as entering an email to posting a photo, contests can help with the exposure of your company. Take your social media marketing efforts to the next level by running a social media contest today. Keep reading to find out how to run successful social media contests!

How To Run Successful Social Media Contests

Step 1) Choose Your Platform

The first step to starting your social media contest is to know which platform to host it on. If you’re looking for the most widely accessible platform, then Facebook is the route to take. Facebook has the most users so you’re contest will get the most reach on it. If you’re looking to gain more content to use for future marketing purposes, Instagram is a great way to get more photos! Have users set their accounts to public and post a photo with a designated hashtag. You can then sort through all the entries by searching for the hashtag!

how can i run a successful social media contest

Step 2) Understand Your Guidelines

Now that you’ve successfully chosen a platform, it’s time to write out the guidelines! Things to keep in mind when writing the rules, terms, and restrictions are:

Age Limit: Is your giveaway open to all ages?

Time and Date: When does your contest start? When does your contest end? Be specific about this!

Location: Are you opening this up to international clients? Clients in the area?

Entries: Can your clients enter once a day? Once a week? One time only?

Winning: How will you be choosing the winner? Randomly? Most amount of likes? Creativity?

Instructions: How exactly do you enter into the contest? Write out step by step instructions so that everyone understands and has an equal opportunity.

Step 3) Pick the Prize

The best way to get people to participate in the contest is to show off the prize. Make sure that your clients know what they will be winning. Better yet, post a photo of it! More people are likely to enter social media contests when they can see what they will be winning!

how to pick prizes for social media contests

Step 4) Market Your Contest

Knowing how to market your contest will help you gain both exposure and entries! Use all your social media platforms to their full extent and post it wherever you can! If you’re using Facebook, consider changing your profile picture and cover photo to feature your contest! On Instagram, you can post a photo regularly to promote as well as linking the site in your bio.

If you’re looking for a fun way to promote your business, consider hosting a social media contest today! It’s an easy and effective way to gain new customers as well as continue business with old customers. If you’re confused about where to start, we can help! Connect with our South Florida social media marketing experts today!

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