BizBox Review | Why You Should NOT Use BizBox

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BizBox presented by Office Depot is a company that specializes in everything from web design and hosting to online marketing and SEO. While everything you might have seen and heard about them might seem great, it’s always important to never judge a book by its cover. Read this BizBox review to learn just a few of the reasons why you should NOT use them.

Reason #1: Pricing

On the surface, the prices that BizBox offer might seem great. They offer web design and hosting for just $89 a month. When you dig deeper though, you realize that it’s not as good as it sounds. Not only do they require to sign long-term commitments, up to 12 months in some cases, but once they have you they can change the pricing. They can even add additional costs and fees depending on the services you are looking for since most of their advertised pricing is for their basic services.

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Reason #2: You Don’t Own Your Website

In addition to the additional fees for additional services, should you one day decide to stop using BizBox, you will not own your domain name or website when you leave. This can cause major problems because not only will you have to completely start over, but you could run into situations where Google thinks you have duplicate content since there is a history of your website and web content already existing at one point.

Reason #3: Cookie-Cutter Websites

One of the best ways to get noticed in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce is to stand out from your competition. That includes everything from the products or services that you offer to the website that you offer them on. With BizBox, that won’t happen. You will get the same cookie-cutter website from them that everyone else that uses their service gets, making you just another website out there.

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Don’t Believe This BizBox Review?

Instead of dealing with BizBox and a cookie-cutter website that you don’t own, consider contacting us at Digital Resource. We create custom, comprehensive marketing strategies for each individual client. We will also give you your website should you choose to go in a different direction and no longer use our services.

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