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The digital sphere can be a tough arena to stand out amongst the competition can be a challenge. However, the challenge isn’t with the execution, but rather the tools you are using. Keep reading about how you can take note of strong blog company tactics below!

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How Do I Craft Compelling Blogs?

1. Specify Your Mission

For starters, it is important that you are specifying your mission to understand why you are doing the blog in the first place. Is your mission to increase your number of leads or to climb up the SEO ladder? Regardless, your company must define a set mission as to why you want a blog.

Afterward, you can center your blogs around its true purpose for high-quality content!


2. Brainstorm Topics

Now that you’ve defined your mission, this is the time to brainstorm topics. Brainstorm at least 5 to 10 topics that offer insight into what your company does. Also, you can discuss your own products and create posts about its benefits or why your audience needs it.


3. SEO Keywords

Next, even if your campaign isn’t looking for SEO rankings you will notice how blogs can change this notion dramatically. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is determined by user input searches based on similar or matching keyword text.

These keywords must be saturated throughout your blog content in order to become more visible to users. As users search for your company or products related to your company it is important that your company shows on the first page.


4. Write for Your Audience

So, ensure that you are taking on blog writing with your audience in mind. Remember, these blogs are supposed to entice your audience to learn more about what your company does and what it offers.

We recommend choosing a catchy title that gets users hooked. Always use pronouns in the form of “you” to make the user feel inclusive in your company.


5. Use Headers

Another overlooked but important aspect is to section off your content in each blog. By using headers to section off which area is which, this makes it easier for users to scan the blog. Plus, you can include keywords in your headers to enhance SEO for your website. The bigger the font, the more search engines like Google will embrace this into their algorithm.


6. Images

Also, images are a must with every blog you post. They are a visual aid that represents what you are trying to have the reader understand. However, did you know that images are a direct gate to enhancing SEO?

We talk about SEO frequently because it is essential to getting users to viewing your blogs. Change the alt-text of the image beginning with the entire keyword followed by a buzzword and separated by dashes.


7. Links and Backlinks

Moving forward, always include links throughout your content either directed to other pages on your website or on other websites. The goal is to build your domain authority by taking it upon yourself to link to other blog pages as well.

By linking other industry-specific websites to your blogs, you are making your content appear legitimate and credible.


8. Modify Your Meta

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of SEO. A meta description incorporates the URL, focus keyword, and meta description. In order to enable these features, we recommend using an SEO tool onto your website. A great example is Yoast, where it measures each of these factors on a colored scale: red being poor and green being the best SEO you can have.


9. Proofread

It is important that you are proofreading your blog before actually posting it. Sometimes, there may be a word spelled wrong or the wrong instance of a word like “their” or “they’re”. It may feel like a minute detail, but this is extremely important if you want your audience to take you seriously.


10. Optimize for Mobile

In fact, it’s estimated that over 60% of people visit websites or blogs just on their mobile device alone. Think about it: by optimizing a desktop website for your mobile device you can expand your reach to more users.

Plus, this also helps you optimize blog post so that the font isn’t too big or the images or leaking off the page!


11. Reply to Comments

Make it a priority that you are replying to comments if you choose to have this option open for you. It shows that you can take critique or take a compliment for your blogs. Stay humble regardless of the situation and respond by suggesting what you can do differently to make them happy!


12. Try Guest Blogging

This next step may be for advanced bloggers, but it doesn’t hurt to have beginners look into it. Guest blogging is a sought-after practice that elevates your company’s brand reputation. One may go about this by reaching out to a top company such as Forbes and Inc and inquiring that you would like to write for them and how you would be a good fit to their own marketing goals.


13. Measure Performance

To round up this series on blogging, I recommend using an analytics tool to measure your performance. By paying attention to the number of visitors that look at your blogs, you can determine what you need to improve on.

My last piece of advice is that there is always room for improvement—regardless of a well or ill-performing blog page. Do not overlook the power of blogs, because this is a secret weapon in the fight to rank higher for SEO!


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