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When it comes to content, one of the most difficult things you can do is write for SEO optimization and use targeting features to increase visibility. Here are a few ways you can improve your standing online.

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Keyword Rotation

Know which keywords to use.

Keywords are perhaps the most important part of any content written for SEO purposes. By keeping the keywords in rotation, you will ensure that you are using a more dynamic and effective strategy that will keep up with changing trends over time. It is important to conduct research on which keywords are most popular and will do best with your ads.


Targeting Features

Get your ads where they need to go.

One of the best parts of advertising over social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is that these sites have highly developed targeting features. This allows you to concentrate your ad exposure on those who would be most likely to take interest and interact with your ads. Keywords and SEO driven copy can help this targeting feature to be more accurate.


Social Media

Increase your visibility online and elsewhere.

Social media is one of the most dynamic platforms for sharing many different kinds of content, including written content. In addition to photo and video, sharing blogs from your pages can help with SEO in that they have been written with keywords in mind, and will help increase your reach online.

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