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Blogs are a fun way to share ideas with the online community. They’re one of the best ways to discuss ideas with a large audience that shares a common interest. And although there are millions of bloggers out there, very few blog writers know how to create great content. For that reason, here is a comprehensive guide to creating a great blog that captivates its audience.

Where can I find advice for blog writers?

How to Write a Great Blog

Setting Goals

First, the goal of your blog should be established from early on. It may be to monetize your ideas, to gain exposure in your field, or entertain readers. Keep in mind, goals should be realistic and specific. Aiming to make good money and have a large fan base are things earned over time. It is the responsibility of blog writers to establish their goal as it will determine how they write and where they find their motivation. When you write, your goals will provide reference and serve as reigns for your content.


By having a great goal, you will also have a way to measure your success. With a goal in mind, you can continually be assessing your efforts in comparison to something. If you want to increase your business’s exposure online, is it working? Are you getting more leads? If your goal was to inspire your audience, are the comments and feedback reflect it? A good blog will not be able to magically succeed if its intentions are not clear from the start. Goals will also help writers to adjust so their efforts better suit their specific goals.



With the continual advancement of technology, the very definition of blog is up for discussion. A blog is no longer just a written article online. Podcasts and video-blogs have redefined what a blog is and can be. When considering your medium, two things should be taken into account. First, you should establish which will have best cater to the content you have and its audience. Next, the writer considers their personal strengths. This ties into the “writer’s” verbal abilities and screen presence. Many choose to do either podcasts or videos because they allow for an added auditory (and potentially visual) component. Consider a variety of multimedia platforms to deliver your message. Discover the “sweet spot” in which your blog will thrive.



Similar to knowing the optimal medium, writers must consider their audience. Your blog’s topic and purpose will affect who you write for, but blogs must be written for someone. It may take time but choosing a specific audience relevant to your goals is a necessity. Lucky niche audiences do well on the internet with a limitless number of unique online users. Keeping that in mind, get specific. Write to somebody, not anybody.



As discussed, blogs perform better when focused. It is the responsibility of the writer to understand their market audience and cater to them. Blog subjects should be interesting and attractive, with readers in mind. The best way to create relevant material is by understanding topics currently popular in your field and being aware of what your audience is looking for. Also, getting ahead of the curve of breaking events is a particularly good way of keeping content relevant.



People prefer the simple. The structure and design of your blog should be minimalistic. When blogs are under a thousand words, they tend to be more focused and more reader-friendly. From a technical side, simple blogs are far easier to maintain, more secure, and more responsive. By keeping things simple writers will attract more readers and deliver better content.



Simply put, blogs should deliver value to readers. If your blog isn’t giving, it will fail. Blogs that are self-serving or tell rather than teach go nowhere. People aren’t interested. Users read blogs to gain information on a subject, gain perspective, be inspired, or entertained. They do not read blogs that are dry, impersonal, and boastful. Most importantly, your blog’s content must freely give something valuable to its readers.



As equally important as content, is its SEO performance. Using SEO effectively will assure your blog is seen as credible and attracts its audience. Part of keeping your blog relevant is using keywords and fresh content to satisfy searchers. It also means that your audience is able to find your blog be means other than word-of-mouth. Furthermore, a well-performing SEO will draw new readers and assure your content outperforms your competitors.


Blogs as Links

If you are using your blog for business, it is a fabulous way of sharing free information about your company. Relevant blogs act as an accessible vault of information and credibility for your company. When blogs are shared on social media and other online platforms, they generate backlinks to your own site, boosting exposure and credibility. Blogs writers who use their material to promote their own business will increase their public image and drive more leads.

Post it

Finally, one must post their content. Deceptively simple, this proves to be the hardest step for many. Writers become concerned about their blog’s reception or insist on continually re-editing. Blog writers can become too caught up in perfecting their blog that they never post it. Blogs take some level of risk but are well-worth their taking. It is important to keep in mind that producing something will always be better than nothing. So, publish your blog and learn as you go.

Where can I find blog writers?


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