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When it comes to blog writing, optimization can be difficult to implement. Optimizing your writing can bring a wide array for benefits to our online interactions. Here are a few tips for taking your blogs to the next level.

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Keyword Research

Say exactly what you need to say.

Before writing your content, do some research into which keywords are trending in your local area and which ones you can realistically target in your writing. Use keywords strategically and in rotation so that Google will pick them up and list them in local searches. Keywords are absolutely essential to increasing your rankings and optimizing your writing.


Responsive Graphics

Get your images to work for you.

Images can play an important role in the visual aesthetic of your webpage, but they also are important for search engine optimization. By giving your images tags and keywords themselves, they can help increase your rankings. Images should also be used as links to relevant pages on your website. This will help make your writing more dynamic and responsive to readers.


Audience Targeting

Get your writing where it wants to be read.

One of the biggest uses of keywords is the advantage of targeting certain demographics and locations. This will make your advertising, in general, more accurate and expose the content to audiences that will be more receptive. Targeting is incredibly important when considering the direction and subject of your writing.

where can i focus on search engine optimaization for my company?

Blog Writing Service

Digital Resource is here to help you get your writing into the spotlight. Content optimization is vital to bringing up your rankings. Give us a call today if you have any questions for our team.

Tyler was born in Ocala, Florida, and raised in Miami. Tyler has earned a bachelors degree in English from Florida State University, and is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Digital Resource. As an experienced musician and writer, Tyler has a wide range of abilities to bring to the table in the most professional way possible.

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