Blog Writing Service | 3 Tips to Reignite Existing Posts

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Blog posts are a great way for readers to gain insight into your company. That’s why we provide the latest tips to transform your existing blog posts for current relevance. Take a look at how a blog writing service will put you on the road to success!

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How to Reignite Existing Posts:

1. Improve SEO

First things first, you need to get the most out of every single blog post on your website. Make sure that your older posts have headings and subheadings related to SEO keywords. In effect, you will notice that this optimization will make your page more visible on search engines.

Also, you can add content to older posts that will encourage updated information.


2. Links

Moreover, your older blog posts can be vital again with inbound and outbound links. Inbound links navigate to other pages on your website. Outbound links are found on other websites that lead directly back to your website. Make sure that these links open up to older blog posts, so it is getting the readability and metrics it needs.


3. Create Categories

Furthermore, it is important to create more than one category for your older blog posts. This is a great way to archive your blogs and keep them organized based on topic. As a result, users can navigate older blogs based on topic and relevance.

For example, a post about how to make spaghetti may be categorized under “Food” as opposed to “Pastry”. Although both deal with food, they should be separated by a sub-category that opens the topic even further.

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Are You Looking for an Effective Blog Writing Service?

All in all, your blogs are characterized by old and new posts. We want you to have an effective marketing campaign with the user to blog interaction. Contact us today to learn about a FREE website evaluation!

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