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Using blogs to build links is one of the most effective ways to help potential leads find you. Here are three great ways to keep your links fresh and have them increase your rankings.

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Showcase Experts

Give prominent voices a platform.

Providing a space to host interviews and guest blogs from prominent influencers and experts is a great way to build your online presence. By hosting guests, you expand your network and establish good links that direct users towards the interviews and connect them with other sites that have high rankings. Diversifying your content is always a good idea.


Stay Relevant

Keep up with trends to stay on top.

Another great way to keep your links fresh and relatable is to keep up with current trends and work them into your links. By linking o popular movements and trends, you can get higher quality links that will direct more traffic to your webpage. Having relevant graphs and metrics are also important to keep readers on your page for longer.



Research strengthens your writing.

Having research and data that supports your arguments will allow you to build links to prominent research, which will increase rankings over time. Studies show that readers are more likely to keep reading if there is relevant data to support the arguments being made. While these articles take more time to compose, they will create strong backlinks, redirecting more traffic to your site.

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Blogging Company


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