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Pillar posts are company blog posts that are tailored to a keyword based on queries a user might type in a search engine. Typically, these posts have titles that are in the form of a question or suggests a fixed numerical amount of information in the reading. Let’s take a look at the latest tips from the top blogging company!

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Pillar Posts You Need to Know:

1. How-To

In the first place, how-to pillar posts act as tutorials about a product or service in a condensed format. This blog post helps readers use or learn the process of the service that you are providing. Also, these posts are strictly informative and incorporate details that readers would not be able to find anywhere else.


2. List-Based

Moreover, there are list-based posts in which readers can easily digest the overall message of a topic. This is a popular option because customers can simply scan the material and pinpoint the areas of importance. In particular, this option is ideal for reaching your target audience because this list essentially accomplishes the readers’ own goals.


3. Statistical-Based

In addition, many companies are keen on placing emphasis on real-time statistics to boost their credibility. Statistics can be intertwined with content from world-recognized companies and new trends in the same industries. The idea is to gather actual data and compile a report that can be easily read by their audience.


4. Monthly Updates

Lastly, monthly updates are a great way to announce your company’s current events, achievements, and what customers can look forward to. This should be something to keep in mind for new business owners and a habit for established brands.

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Do You Need a Reliable Blogging Company?

All in all, our company knows how to achieve the results that you want. Blogs are an essential aspect of providing informative content to current and future customers. Visit us today to get started!

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