Blogging for Your Business | 5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Blogging can be a great way to expand the reach of your website. Not only will it bring people to your website to read the content, but it will help your placement in search engines. Like everything else in life though, blogging is only beneficial if it is done properly. It’s not always about what to do, but also what not to do. That’s what this blog is all about. Let’s take a look at some blog mistakes to avoid when blogging for your business.

Your Writing Is Too Stiff

When writing a blog post, you want to write something that people coming across your post will want to read. Make sure when writing to write in a way that is conversational and enjoyable for your audience to read. Chances are they aren’t going to read the whole thing anyway, but you want to get them to at least read some of it. If you want to keep them interested, you have to make them want to keep reading by writing in a style that’s easy to read. People want to feel like they’re doing business with real people, not robots. So, make it less term paper and more conversation.

Your Posts Are Too Broad

When it comes to blogging for your business, people tend to want to answer the big questions in hopes that the more information will attract a bigger audience. The problem is, even though there is a lot of information it is not detailed enough. Instead of writing a little bit about a lot of things, pick one specific topic and take a deeper dive into it. specific topics tend to attract smaller, more targeted audiences. This usually leads to higher quality leads, making it more likely to convert those leads into customers.

What is blogging for your business?

You Aren’t Blogging Consistently

While you don’t have to blog every day, you should have a consistent blog schedule set up. Obviously, the more you blog, the more traffic you’ll get to your website, leading to more subscribers and leads. However, if you blog five times one week make sure you blog five times the next week too. If you blog a lot one week and then don’t the next week, it could be confusing to your subscribers.

You Are Writing Strictly for SEO

If the only reason for your writing is to appease to google, then you are doing it wrong. Writing for SEO only is going to bore the pants off of your readers. This will cause them to stop reading your work, which will result in them no longer visiting your website. Write for your audience first, then go back and make it SEO friendly.

What are 5 mistakes I am making in blogging for my business?

You Are Too Worried About Word Count

More isn’t always better. While it is important to keep a general word count in mind to help with SEO, you don’t want it to affect your writing. If you are stretching a blog in order to hit a word count quota, your audience will probably be able to tell. You want to communicate your message in the length it takes to do so fully.

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With a degree in communication from the University of Central Florida, Dan has an extensive background in writing. Dan has written for many different types of entities including television news, newspapers and magazines, and real estate. He enjoys the creative freedom that comes with writing and being able to express his thoughts and ideas to a wide ranging audience.

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