Blogging Tips| 2 Business Blog Must-Haves

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The digital world is continually changing, but blogging continues to be an effective content marketing strategy for large companies and small businesses alike. Companies that use blogs can help influence perception, generate 126% more leads, and gain the trust of consumers! Business blogs only work though if you write them write. Follow these blogging tips and start attracting more clients today!

Blogging Tips for Your Business

1) Include Effective Images

Including visual content is one of the most important blogging tips for any business. People pay more attention to things that they can see, even more so if it moves! But with so many different types of visuals to chose from, sometimes it’s easier to forget about images all together. Do NOT forget about visuals. 65% of all businesses believe that visual components essential to their company’s content marketing strategy!

blogging tips: include visuals in your business blog

Here are some factors to consider when picking images for your business blog:

Color: People’s willingness to read a blog post increases by 80% if it includes colorful images. Get people to engage in your business’s blog by incorporating visuals with color into every post.

Size: A photo is a great addition to a blog, but only when it’s the right size! When posting a photo that includes text, make sure that the font is easy to read and doesn’t require users to zoom in. Always chose images that are clear and easy to share.

Relevancy: It’s essential that all images are relevant to the blog post that it’s posted with. This will help make the point you’re trying to get across in your business blog more memorable. An image relating to the topic will help readers retain 55% more information.


2) Evoke Emotions

Images are essential to business blogs because they grab peoples attention and make it memorable But there’s another must-have part to successful blog posts, the ability to evoke emotions. Whether or not a blog post becomes popular and gets shared all comes down to how it makes readers feel.  In order for your business blog to become viral, it has to induce feelings.

blogging tips evoke emotions in business blog

How can you evoke the emotions of your readers? Include content that combines happiness and surprise. People tend to react best when something makes them feel these two emotions. When it is uplifting, people are more likely to hit that share button and help you expand your reach.


Blogging is one of the most important parts of content marketing. It gives clients and potential new customers a feel for who your company is and what it finds important. Incorporating effective images and evoking emotions are two great blogging tips that can help take your business blog to the next level. If you’re looking to start a business blog,  we’re here to help. Digital Resource is dedicated to helping companies succeed. Connect with our South Florida content marketers online today!

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