Boca Raton SEO | 5 Essentials When Optimizing Your Company Online

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Optimizing your company online can be a time-consuming and daunting process. In today’s rapidly changing online space, business owners need to be taking active steps to improve their Boca Raton SEO. If you haven’t implemented any SEO tactics into your online presence, now is the time! Ranking at the top of the Google search results for Boca Raton is a competitive but rewarding accomplishment.

What are some tips for Boca Raton SEO?

5 Essentials for Boca Raton SEO

  1. Social Media Accounts

Your business should already have a social media presence but if it doesn’t create one immediately! Posting to these accounts on a regular basis have a positive effect on your Google ranking. The social media channels help you rank even better when they’ve been active for a while. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most effective and we recommend starting with these platforms.

  1. Reviews

Positive reviews are your golden ticket to #1 on Google Search. Google want to show the most relevant and helpful information to the Googler and positive reviews are favored by Google. Having not just positive reviews on Google, but Facebook and Yelp! The best way to get reviews is from current customers, so send out an e-mail asking for reviews with links to all your company pages.

  1. Blog

SEO loves blogs like peanut butter loves jelly. You absolutely need a blog on your website! Keywords and original content that relate to your business will help boosts your rankings the best. A keyword-targeted header on each blog post ensures that Google can interpret your article and readers know what to expect in the post. Perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation are also important so you don’t move down the rankings. Your business needs to portray authority in your industry and poor writing creates the opposite effect.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Google has shared that websites that aren’t mobile-friendly don’t rank as high as a good mobile site. This is because most internet users are searching for information on their phone. You could be missing out on your most valuable web traffic so head to Google’s Mobile-Friendly test to see if you pass. If you aren’t mobile friendly, now is the time to optimize for mobile!

  1. Google My Business Page

If you’ve searched for a place or product recently, you’ve probably noticed you get results based on your current location. Google has started a mobile platform called Google My Business that pulls information about businesses across the internet to put store hours, address, and contact information in one place. Make sure to claim your profile and verify your information; doing so will increase your ranking.

Boca Raton SEO for a small business website

What’s Next?

A lot of business struggle with their search ranking and optimizing their company online. Boca Raton SEO is a daunting task for most business owners and is also time-consuming. Luckily, there is a local company can help your search ranking dreams become a reality! Digital Resource is an SEO company that has helped hundreds of clients optimize their company online. Allow us to help you improve your SEO and contact us today!







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