Boca Raton Social Media Marketing | How to Market to Older Generations

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Many businesses are obsessed with millennials – and that’s putting it lightly. But, why not tap into the deep pockets and free time stowed amongst baby boomers? Boca Raton social media marketing can go either way. It can play into the college student culture or stay loyal to the older generations who have spent years in South Florida.

So, if you’re choosing the latter, here are a few things to consider:

Easy to Read

You don’t want to call your consumer old. That’s not something they want to hear. But, it’s true. So, on the backend, keep that in mind. Your social media posts and advertisements need to be designed with simpler images and bigger words.

Don’t Use Slang

what language should i use in boca raton social media marketing

Yes, there are some “woke” grandparents out there. But you can’t guarantee that your audience will know what that means. Steer clear of using millennial and gen x slang that baby boomers didn’t grow up with. Keep language classy, and you’ll have better luck at maintaining clear lines of communication.

Avoid Ageism

Age is just a number nowadays. This means that our great aunts and uncles and our grandparents are doing just as much as younger generations. So, when advertising online, don’t say they can’t do something because they’re older. Your audience can still be young at heart. Showcase ads with mature people being active and laughing and having fun!

Stay Relevant

You should do some research about which platforms your target audience is using. Chances are, anyone over that age of 40 is not using Snapchat. But, it is common to find them on Facebook. So, if you want to branch out and use all social media platforms, just make sure to always hone in on the most popular. This means you should consider only running paid posts on Facebook rather than Instagram.

Evolve Slowly

You need to build trust and stay consistent with your more mature audiences. So, while you want to keep up with the times or even be ahead of the curve when it comes to social media posting, do so slowly. Baby boomers still have an appreciation for the simpler things. So, as you change your social media strategy, use traditional lead generating strategies. Yes, we’re talking about email or a phone call.

Test It Out

how to conduct a focus group for boca raton social media marketing

If you’re not confident in how a social media campaign will be received by an older demographic, you need more information. So, test it out. A focus group of diverse people in the same age group sharing their opinions can be eye-opening. Be sure to bring them in with minimal prior knowledge so that you can get an unbiased answer from each of them, keeping your findings a little more objective.

Want to Know More About Boca Raton Social Media Marketing?

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At Digital Resource, our internet marketing consultants are trained to tailor Boca Raton social media marketing to any and all demographics. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that will generate leads. So, learn how we can grow your audience by contacting us today.

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