Pinterest Optimization | How to Boost Your Webpage Traffic Using Pinterest

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In recent years, we have seen Pinterest emerge as a valuable tool for visual searches, and if used properly your business can capitalize on this. As with any search engine, it is possible to tailor your content to be discovered quicker, successfully driving traffic to your web page from the pin. There are over 100 million users to Pinterest, and a large variety of content being shared. If your business is not active on this platform you are missing out on a huge audience reach. However, in order to create an effective profile for your business on Pinterest, you must take the time to optimize your content. Pinterest optimization may seem like a confusing idea, but your business cannot afford to miss out on this valuable tool. A few small tweaks and you can see your Pinterest traffic skyrocket.

How to Boost Your Webpage Traffic Using Pinterest optimization

Keyword Research for Pinterest Optimization

Like all search engine optimization techniques, the first step is to consider what keywords to use. Pinterest is much simpler than Google when it comes to keyword targeting because users tend to put in single phrases into Pinterest search. Think about what information your audience will be searching for that you can provide. Forming these ideas into well-crafted keywords will allow your Pinterest to align with your brand image. The best way to find the right keyword is to perform test searches on your own. Once you take the time to understand how the platform works, you will have a better understanding of why Pinterest suggests certain word choices. Your keyword list should be an ever-changing asset of your Pinterest profile. So, it is crucial you evaluate what words work often and make changes as needed.

Optimize Your Pins

The greatest aspect of Pinterest is its almost complete reliance on visual images. This means Pinterest optimization also takes this into consideration. Images for pins should not be pixelated and be easy to view on a variety of screen sizes. Besides for a high-quality image, your pin needs a killer description of what you see. Leading your audience to a link irrelevant to the picture defeats the purpose, and will harm your online reputation. Pinterest favors the pins that provide a specific and thoughtful description, one that helps the users find the image they are looking for when performing a search. Keep your depiction understandable and to the point, but don’t forget to include keywords!

Optimize Your Boards

From an SEO perspective, your Pinterest boards are a vital part of your organization. Your boards should be neatly laid out, and interesting to browse. The titles of your boards should be relevant and eye-catching to your audience, as well as be topics often searched. Keywords are important to your Pinterest optimization, as these will be throughout your profile tying everything together and driving traffic to you.

Optimize Your Profile

Above all else, it is crucial your profile is bringing in your desired audience. Therefore you should choose a username that will resonate with your users, and is easy to search. Ideally, you should use your keywords in your profile name to continue to attract searches of those words. As well your profile description should contain these keywords and a URL to your website outside of Pinterest. Doing this ensures your Pinterest profile is gaining the traffic is deserves.

How to Boost Your Webpage Traffic Using Pinterest optimization

Being active on Pinterest is the best way to make sustainable traffic gains. Maintaining your Pinterest optimization strategy means updating keywords as necessary, being an active Pinner, and posting quality content to the site. Pinterest is a valuable content marketing tool if used properly. If you haven’t created a Pinterest, or are not an active pinner you are missing out. Contact our social media marketing team to learn how we can help build your business Pinterest today!

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