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Chances are if you have spent any time on Twitter, you have run into the major problem most users face. Since the early days of Twitter as a social media platform, users have been confined to 140 characters, and not one more. However, in an unprecedented move, Twitter has announced it is testing a longer tweet limit of 280 characters. This update will go into effect slowly over time but is being tested with a small group of users around the world. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a tweet “This is a small change, but a big move for us.” The 140-character limit was originally chosen to fall in line with the 160-character SMS limit, but as times change, social media needed to as well. So why did they change this rule, and what does this change mean for your Boston content marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out!

How Does Twitter’s New Update Affect My boston content marketingHow Does Twitter’s New Update Affect My boston content marketing? Why the Change?

Creating a content marketing strategy that falls in line with your social media marketing strategy is a recipe for success for your business. Whenever possible, you need to deliver quality content to your audience. Attempting to cram your thoughts into a small 140-character limit is tough for users, and businesses needed more. Doubling the amount of space to write in allows your business to create quality content on all social media pages, without cutting important information from your tweets. Languages that are impacted most from cramming will be the first to see the change, but if the testing of the update is successful it will be launched in all languages.

Why Only Certain Languages?

When Tweeting in English, the chance of you running into the 140-character limit is good. Chances are you have had to cut down your tweet to make it fit at least once before. However, with other languages, this is not as much of an issue. For example, Twitter saw that only 0.4 percent of Japanese character tweets have 140 characters. But 9 percent of all English letter tweets use the entire space. The average Japanese character tweet is 15 characters, but English writers use 34. Languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean can convey about double the information of other languages, in half the space. For this reason, Twitter is testing the new update specifically in languages that suffer from ‘cramming’.

How Does This Affect My Boston Content Marketing Strategy?

Twitter has considered expanding the length of their tweets for years. More characters mean more content, and this is great news for your business. Your content marketing strategy relies heavily on the ability to deliver the content your audience wants to find. Twitter just made this easier for your business. Use the new space wisely. Research the type of content your audience wants to see and make your tweet worth reading.

How Does Twitter’s New Update Affect My Boston Content Marketing

Users asked for more, and Twitter listened. It is hard to say where the future of social media will go, but as users, we have the control.  Your Boston content marketing strategy can greatly improve thanks to this new change, but use your space wisely. If you need assistance in creating the content your audience wants to find, contact us today! Digital Resource is here to assist you in constructing a content marketing strategy you are proud of!

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