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Email marketing is alive and well. This important tool is essential for an effective marketing strategy to engage your customers and drive sales. In fact, 66% of online consumers over the age of 15 made a purchase as a result of a marketing email. Email marketing success comes from a carefully created and optimized email. Check out the anatomy of a marketing email from a Boston email marketing company and start seeing the results of email marketing.

Subject Line

The subject line of an email is the first thing the consumer sees. Nearly one-third of emails are opened just because of the subject line alone. For this essential aspect, be specific and engaging. Catch the eye of your reader by using “weekly” or “daily” in the subject line if the email is an update. Additionally, avoid duplicate or repetitive subject lines.

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The body of your marketing email should communicate clearly and efficiently to your reader. Always value your reader’s time by quickly conveying a message and benefit. This can be done with short paragraphs and bullet points. Because people process images much faster than text, use images in the body of your email for maximum effect. Lastly, personalize the body of the email with details about the company such as the location.

Call to Action

Bring the email all together with a call to action for the reader. Ultimately, this is where you can convert a consumer to a customer. One of the best ways to do this is with a button that links to your website. You can sprinkle links throughout your email for additional calls to actions as well so the consumer has multiple opportunities to take action. Be careful not to overload. Try focusing on just one primary call to action for your reader.

Where can I find the best Boston email marketing company?

Are You Looking for a Boston Email Marketing Company?

Statistics show that utilizing email marketing correctly can create sales. However, consumers can often disregard marketing emails as spam. For the best Boston email marketing company, contact the experts at Digital Resource. Our experts can assist you in creating effective marketing emails that deliver results.


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