Boston Email Marketing | How Can I Create Engaging Emails?

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Email marketing is a powerful tool that encourages your audience to engage with content. It also helps to nurture leads in your database along their buying journey. Whether you are new to Boston email marketing or simply want to enhance your customer engagement skills, your business can benefit from these proven tips for successful email marketing.

10 Ways to Create An Engaging Boston Email Marketing Campain

What will make my Boston email marketing more engaging?

Create a Topic

The content in your emails should not only promote your goods and services but should also present your subscribers with a solution to a problem or need. Choose topics for your customer. Consider the type of content they would want to see and your business will be set up for success.

Keep It 90/10

You’ll want your emails, especially newsletters, to be 90% educational and 10% promotional. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about helping your audience solve their problem.

Create an Engaging Subject Line

The subject line is essentially a hook for your customers. Don’t let it be boring. Give your audience a reason to click. Offering an incentive usually helps to get their attention. For best results, customize and personalize email subject lines and experiment with emojis.

Prioritize Your Call-To-Action’s

Keep your emails focused in terms of your CTAs. Choose which piece of content you want to get the most attention and then offer the others as options for the reader to explore should they have time. However, a call-to-action is essential to your email. After all, without it, there is no point to the email, as it definitely won’t be engaging.

Keep It Short and to the Point

You want readers to click through, so don’t keep them lingering with long copy and cluttered design. Let white space be your friend. Keep it short and get your readers to your website so they can become customers.

Create a Photo Connection

When using images, make sure they speak to the content. Having images that tie into the content helps to create a connection for the reader and will assist in creating better engagement.

Use Proper Alt Text

Sometimes images don’t appear in an email. This is usually due to the reader. However, alt text will appear even when images won’t. Therefore, your readers will still be driven to click through to your site.

Make Unsubscribing Easy

Creating an easy path to unsubscribing from your email allows you to maintain an active and engaged subscriber list and helps minimize the number of your emails marked as spam.

Don’t Create ‘Spammy’ Sender Info

Try to make your email more personable. Provide a ‘From’ name and email address that doesn’t seem robotic.

Test Before You Send

What are some tips for my Boston email marketing?

Before sending your emails, check for any errors ahead of time. Check your copy, links, images, Sender information, and lists. Then test your emails’ deliverability.

First, make sure your email displays correctly on all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. This will help you retain a healthy email subscription. Also, make sure your emails have both HTML and TEXT formats to ensure readability for all receivers. Lastly, run your emails through a spam analysis tool to ensure your hard work won’t wind up in a spam filter.

Even the best Boston email marketing won’t be effective if it never reaches your audience. By testing your emails’ compatibility, format, and susceptibility to spam folders, you give your emails the best chance of being read.

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