Boston Live Chat Company | 4 Live Chat Do’s and Don’ts

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Live chat seems to be popping up on business websites of all sizes. That’s because there’s no doubt that this customer service tool is efficient in assisting customers and creating new leads. Once your business’s website implements live chat, a plethora of opportunities are created. To get started on live chat, here are four do’s and don’ts from a Boston live chat company.

Do: Be Prompt and Polite

One of the main reasons customers use live chat is to receive answers fast. That means a quick response is essential to providing great customer service and creating a potential lead. If you are unsure of an answer, let the customer know that you need more time to assist them. Additionally, your responses should be polite and courteous. Manners can go along way in making a customer feel cared for, even if it is online.

Don’t: Be Robotic

Consumers are already skeptical they are speaking to a robot when using live chat. Therefore, it is essential to provide personalized responses. Although canned responses can be helpful, do not use them as a crutch. Be sure to address the person by asking for their name, and answer their specific question or need.

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Do: Offer Assistance After Hours

Providing assistance 24/7 is a great way to set your business apart from the competition. Even if you cannot have an agent on twenty-four hours a day, you can still provide assistance. Create a ticketing system for customers to ask a question after hours. Be sure they are required to provide their name, phone number, and email so you can respond promptly. In this way, your clients and new leads will feel like they can always receive the support they need from your business.

Don’t: Forget Proper Grammar

It is essential that you maintain professional language and responses while assisting customers with live chat. Don’t forget correct punctuation and grammar when chatting with customers and leads. Additionally, avoid using acronyms or slang. In doing this, you are ensuring that the customer will not be offended and can maintain excellent customer satisfaction.

Where can I find the best Boston live chat company?

Finding a Boston Live Chat Company

Implementing these do’s and don’ts on your website is a sure way of satisfying current customers and generating new leads. For a Boston live chat company with experience and expertise, contact Digital Resource. Our live chat experts can be sure to deliver the best service to assist in growing your business.


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