Boston Local SEO Company | How Important Are Customer Reviews?

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When it comes to improving your local SEO, there are many components that contribute to your organic search rankings. One essential aspect of online rankings are customer reviews. Often neglected, customer reviews are beneficial to improving your business’s local SEO strategy as well as attracting new customers. Learn about how important reviews are for your business from a Boston Local SEO Company.

Why Do Reviews Matter?

In essence, Google uses reviews when someone searches for a service your business provides or a related service. If your business has a significant amount of quality reviews, your search ranking will increase. For example, Google will provide you with the top three most relevant options when you search for a restaurant in your area. These options will have a high amount of good reviews. As a result, these restaurants will receive more clicks of qualified traffic to their site. In all, the more good reviews your business has on Google, the more business you are likely to get.

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Who Trusts Reviews?

Today, most people trust online reviews when shopping for a product or service. In fact, 84% of consumers report that they use online reviews as a trustworthy source, similar to recommendations from family and friends. Additionally, positive or excellent reviews also have an effect on how much is spent. For this reason, having a significant amount of positive online reviews can help your business gain new and loyal customers.

Where can I find the best Boston local SEO company?

Dealing with the Negative

Negative reviews are inevitable for just about any business. Regardless of the situation, dealing with a negative review appropriately is essential to avoid losing potential customers and repairing your reputation. First, be sure to respond to the review in a timely manner. Apologize for the customer’s experience and address their concerns specifically. Next, it helps to offer something to the consumer, such as a special discount or credit. Finally, take action if this type of criticism or review is reoccurring.

Boost Your Ranking with a Boston Local SEO Company

Online reviews are one essential component to improving your local SEO rankings. To assist you with the rest, contact Digital Resource, a Boston Local SEO Company. Improving your local SEO strategy can drastically contribute to your business’ growth and success in the long run.

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