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Whether you are new to SEO or have previous experience, the trends this year certainly should be considered for your website marketing campaign. As search engine optimization becomes more refined, there are a few new tactics to understand for success online. Ready to learn? Our Boston SEO Company is here to help make your website competitive with the current trends.

What are new trends in 2018 for Boston SEO Company?

Voice Search and Your SEO

In the past, there were only a few variations between mobile and desktop searches. Currently, the focus is on voice search queries to find out how people are searching, without their keyboards. If you have ever used a Google Home device, after answering your question, it will cite where the result is from. The only time there will be no reply is if the top result has bad feature snippets. Optimizing your snippets for SEO will provide you the chance to be the result on voice search.

Mobile First Recommended by Boston SEO Company

Mobile search volume has surpassed desktop for 2018. Therefore, if you aren’t developing a mobile-optimized site, you’re actually being penalized by Google in search results. Google now ranks websites on their content based on mobile views. Additionally, Boston SEO for mobile benefits from the ease of use, accessibility and GPS capabilities.


What is new in 2018 for Boston SEO Company?

Faster Page Speed

Not only is the speed of your site taken into consideration in your search rankings, it also directly affects how the visitor interacts with the site. Longer pages speeds lead to high bounce rates and overall less success on the page. The golden rule is that Google expects your website to load in under 3 seconds. If you are above that it’s time to improve your SEO!

To learn more about our Boston SEO, and the internet marketing services we provide call us today at 561-429-2585 or view us online! Search Engine Optimization is the cornerstone of success online in 2018 and the future, so contact our Boston SEO Company today to request a free SEO analysis.

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