Boston Social Media Marketing | How Can I Engage with My Customers?

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As you probably know, the Boston social media marketing landscape is extremely competitive. It’s not enough to solely post about the products and services that your business offers. In order to stand out from other businesses, you’ll also need to engage with customers through the content they are interested in. Although you’ll need to market differently, this doesn’t mean you should shift your focus from your core business social media objectives. There’s a way to balance promoting your business on social media and engaging with your customers concurrently. Keep reading to learn about the types of content customers engage with most and how to this knowledge to promote your business!
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First off, consumers always love a good quote that they can relate to or apply to their daily life. As a business, you can use this content to reinforce your brand voice. You can implement this tactic by featuring daily sayings from leaders in your industry, brand influencers, your own company employees, and even your CEO. Quotes can also be taken from articles or blog posts on your website to drive traffic back to your web page. After you have determined your quote, find a visually appealing image that matches your business theme and mesh the two together.


Secondly, one of the best traits of infographics is that they allow you to condense large amounts of information into one visual. Infographics do require more time and planning but the benefits outweigh the time. They are easy to share and are a great way to drive consumers to a larger content piece. Making facts, tips, or steps visual can help consumers solve a problem or learn more about a certain topic. Infographics are a great tool to share information with customers without blatantly selling a service or product.


Lastly, the most efficient form of engaging content is lifestyle posts. Lifestyle content is the persona of your business or ideal customer. Your lifestyle content should focus on interests outside of your products. You’ll want to determine the overall interests or personality traits your customers have and appeal to that persona. This will enable your business to foster a deeper relationship between customers and your brand. You can create your own images or use stock photos that your customers would find appealing. Below is an example of a lifestyle post from our Instagram account, which is focused on reaching out to businesses who are interesting in our internet marketing services.

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Engaging with your customers on a personal level requires a large amount of time and skill. With these tips, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to compete on social media. Quotes, infographics, and lifestyle posts are a great way to remain consistent, give value to your customers, and increase engagement. If this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry. Here are Digital Resource, we have the proven experience to assist you with your Boston social media marketing efforts. Contact our social media marketing specialists today to learn more!

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