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Maximizing the value of a company’s websites is a top priority for many businesses today. One great way to increase the value of your website traffic is to implement a Business LiveChat. This service allows a potential customer to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. Customers tend to shop around when making new purchases and usually there are common concerns that need to be addressed.  Rather than entering their information into a contact list, business LiveChat allows the website visitor to interact with a representative instantly. A LiveChat service has the best results when the agent interacting with website visitors follows these guidelines.

Creating a Business LiveChat strategy

Answer Instantly


Success on Business LiveChat is greatly dependent on the speed in which a message is received by the website visitor. Once a visitor decides to engage with a LiveChat representative they typically expect an instant response. The time of response is reflective of the attention a customer can expect for service in the future.  Therefore, having a dedicated LiveChat representative is imperative. Answering the visitor immediately helps to make a good first impression of a customer oriented business.


Help Navigate the Website


Some sites, no matter how intuitive, can be difficult for non-tech savvy visitors to navigate. Finding the right information is important for a website visitor to become a customer. LiveChat allows a visitor to ask if they have come to right place. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the visitor to see if they fit the profile to become a customer. Helping navigate the site is a good way to help ensure that your business has the visitor’s best interests in mind.


Schedule Meetings


Many companies, especially business to business organizations, need to arrange for extensive discussions before a prospect becomes a client. Using business LiveChat helps to speed up this process by allowing prospects to request a meeting directly on your website. This is beneficial to a company website that is having trouble converting enough client engagement.

Answer Questions


Before making a purchase, there are often concerns that need to be addressed.  Is the product or service going to solve my need? Is this the best price available? Is this the best version available? These are examples of everyday questions that customers often have before making purchases. Typically, the more expensive the product or service is, the more questions the customer will have. By removing the extra step of forcing the customer to call or visit the storefront, LiveChat helps drives sales faster.

Business LiveChat tips

Does Your Company Website Use Business LiveChat?


The results from this new website design trend are measurable and significant. If your company has considered implementing LiveChat, but does not have the employees to commit to this time-consuming task, there are options. “LeadChat Live!” handles website chat on behalf of their clients. Generating fresh leads and assisting website visitors quickly is how “LeadChat Live!” provides exceptional value to the websites that they support. Contact “LeadChat Live!” by reaching out to their parent company, Digital Resource, to discuss integrating a LiveChat on your website.

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