Business Marketing on Facebook | How Can I Boost My Reach?

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Business marketing on Facebook is a great way to grow  your company. Facebook is the number one social media site  with over 1.3 billion users. Despite the huge amount of users, reaching a large audience can become difficult. Don’t worry, there are ways to get your business seen! Here are some ways you can boost your reach and expand your business marketing on Facebook!

Business Marketing on Facebook | 4 Tips to Boost Your Reach

what are some tips to boost my reach for business marketing on facebook

1) Pick the Right Times to Post

Due to the increased number of posts in the recent years, Facebook has changed the way content is displayed in the News Feed. Competition rose for posts to receive attention as more people and businesses joined the site and created pages. The trick to tackling this hurdle is to post at the right time. The best time to post on Facebook is when engagement is at its highest. This increases the chances that your posts will be seen by the largest audience possible. Keep a schedule of what and when you want to post to as efficient as possible.

2) Post Less Frequently

This may be contrary to popular belief, but posting multiple times a day can actually hurt your reach. Your content becomes less interesting, you begin to run out of ideas, and users start to pay less attention to your business posts. Instead try to post once a day. This ensures that you put out the best quality content to your audience that they will find valuable and easy to engage with. This also makes it more likely that Facebook will show your post to more people.

3) Tag Other Pages

Another great way to boost your reach is to start mentioning other people or pages in your posts. Facebook will thank you for this type of interaction by giving them more reach reach. The way to tag is by using the “@” symbol followed by the page or individual’s name.

4) Incorporate Visuals

Incorporating visuals is a must for business marketing on Facebook. Images and videos help capture the attention of people and keep them interested in what you post.  Research shows that visual content is shared 3x more than text alone. This is important because your audience and reach grows exponentially with each share. You can incorporate visuals by posting inspiring quote cards, branded images, fun gifs, data visualizations, engaging videos, informative polls, etc.

use visuals for business marketing on facebook

Business marketing on Facebook opens up many opportunities to expand your audience and potential customers. Through the right tactics, you can boost your business’s Facebook engagement and customer following. If you want to find out more ways to boost your reach on Facebook  or are looking for a team of social media experts to do it for you, contact us! Digital Resource can help you grow your business! Connect with our team of social media experts in West Palm Beach today!

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