It’s no secret why your business needs a mobile website.  Many people nowadays spend time on their smart phone, or other mobile devices, much more than on  their home computers.  Across the board, companies that have mobile websites show an increase in sales and customer-base.  In order to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry of online traffic and sales, your business needs a mobile website. This speedy transfer of users from home computers to mobile devices is one of the biggest changes happening in online business and marketing today.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website 

First, let’s take a closer look at why mobile devices are gaining so much traction among online users at present. Mobile devices are obviously convenient, aren’t they? People may take them on the go, to their nearest café, library, university, and more.  The fact is, people want—need—the internet at the tip of their fingers at all times.  It is not uncommon to sleep within arm’s reach of your cellphone, wake up and check your emails, news, and text messages, or utilize it on your lunch break while looking for a new restaurant at which to eat.

Mobile devices offer the best of both worlds: an independent path to search anything, and, at the same time, a social path to all of your friends and trends at the click of a button, or touch-screen!  The ability to provide independence and social networking lays the foundation for online users’ around-the-clock addiction to each of their mobile devices.

Being on the internet is no longer the most essential aspect of having a website for your business. Your business needs a mobile website to guarantee your business is being seen by the largest number of potential customers.  By focusing your website on mobile devices, you will grow your online traffic and sales tremendously.

Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Is your Business Right for Mobile Devices?

Understand when people are using their smart phones and mobile devices, for what purposes, and how they are accessing information they are trying to find.  Most mobile usage is nearly monopolized by a few major players in the industry: Facebook, Google, and other social media and search engines.  Your business needs to leverage its online presence using these mobile platforms.  If you want to be found on Google, for example, your website’s search results will INCREASE if you format your site for mobile devices.  Use social media to your business’s advantage, too.  Social media largely dominates mobile usage, which drives traffic to your website while users are on their mobile devices.

Even if your business is a local, brick and mortar venue, your business needs a mobile website.  Here’s why: the largest number of mobile searches are “locations-based searches.”  This means your business website should be closely associated with your physical location. For example, your business will be lost in endless page results if only searched as “coffee shop.”  On the other hand, if someone searches “coffee shop West palm beach,” then your coffee shop will be found much easier.  Your business needs a mobile website to garner impulsive, on-the-go traffic to your physical location.

Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

How to Create a Mobile Site for Your Business

When you create your mobile website, there is one essential rule, or KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Of course, you learned this rule when you were very young, but it applies to your mobile website! For example, you want to design your mobile website with short and sweet content that loads fast! People do not wait when they are on their mobile devices, they will bounce and move on to the next one if your site takes more than 8 – 10 seconds to load.  So, you want your mobile site to be simple and fast, and, especially, easy to navigate on a small to medium size screen.

Provide your potential customers with the easiest way to find your business by creating a mobile website for your business.  Hiring a qualified team of online developers and marketing specialists ensures your business’s mobile website gets results.  Our team is a results-based company qualified to scale your business maximally to each platform and campaign that you choose.  Request a free internet marketing analysis now, or call us today at 561-429-2585.


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