With all the different types of marketing out there, many people forget about email marketing. But, people don’t realize how essential email marketing is. So, while there are lots of things explaining how email marketing doesn’t work anymore, it’s not all true. However, people can benefit from emails, and marketers still get a real payoff. So, let’s put […]

Why do we write content consistently? It all comes back to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of creating content that Google and other search engines will “like.” This is all in hopes that it’ll rank on the first page of search results, urging people to click on your website. However, we can’t always […]

Nearly half of search engine users are going mobile. Rather than sitting down at a computer, they’re reaching for their phones and tablets. And, this upward trend has search engines reevaluating how they analyze and determine site rankings. Google is officially moving more sites to their “mobile-first indexing,” meaning that search engine optimization for websites […]

Retargeting is an important part of any internet marketing strategy. While you want to bring in fresh, new leads, return customers are essential as well. These people provide a lot of value for your business. So, you need to understand who your demographic is in order to target them efficiently and effectively. Keep reading to […]

If your business uses Google advertising, the word “ad-blocker” may sound like the bane of your digital marketing strategy. Third-party apps have been allowing internet users to rid their pages of advertisements from Google for a long while now. And, now Google Chrome is looking to bring on their own ad blocker. But, it’s not […]

It’s the year of the video. Live video, behind the scenes content, and so forth – businesses looking to be successful online need to invest in video. But, where should these videos go? There are some usual suspects, including YouTube and Facebook. But now, Google My Business has put themselves in the arena. What Is […]

Think of search engine ranking as a popularity contest. In order to get to the very first spot in a search engine result, you need to have enough votes. Every link that goes to your website shows its popularity. And, some of these votes hold more value than others. That’s the general concept of link […]

If you’re a business who wants to start capitalizing on the searches that take place on Google daily, there’s no better way than to start using Google Ads in New York City.  Just about every business has tried out some form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The goal is to increase your website traffic which eventually […]

The word “responsive” is about to take on a whole new meaning for business owners looking for great Search Engine Optimization. On Jan. 17, Google announced that it will be releasing a new algorithm that throttles back rankings for slow page speeds on mobile searches. This means your web design in Boston will need to […]

The year is 2018 and the internet is much like outer space: constantly growing and expanding in all directions. Hundreds of web pages are created every second, and trillions of search queries are processed by Google every year. How can search engines make sense of all this new information? Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of […]