Chatbots: The Key to Building Profitable Customer Relationships

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  • By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human agent
  • 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots (Opus Research, 2018).
  • 55% of respondents say they would most enjoy getting an instant response and answers to simple questions from a chatbot (The State of Chatbots Report, 2018).

Generating a frequent flow of quality leads can be challenging, but is very important for all businesses. It’s not always that a potential customer is willing to give away their information, which is why it’s important to establish trust first between your business and your potential customer. There are many ways to do this, but the proven and tested way is through effective communication and excellent customer experience. Your potential customer needs to understand why he/she needs your product, what he/she can benefit from it, and why he/she should trust you. Being able to communicate these effectively can help increase the possibility of converting a lead into a sale. But this is easier said than done, especially when you can’t interact with a potential customer personally or when you can’t respond to their queries immediately online. Good thing you can now use chatbot!

Chatbots are a great way to generate leads for your business. It can reach out and communicate with your potential customers whenever they visit your website 24/7. Chatbots can initiate a conversation with your prospect customer and even answer promptly various queries. Not only can this software provide your potential customers the information they need, but it can also provide you the information you need to help convert a lead into a sale. If your business isn’t using chatbot yet, then you may want to consider taking advantage of this AI software.

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Why Should I Use Chatbots in My Business?


Chatbots are extremely cost-effective when it comes to generating quality leads for your business. Instead of hiring a workforce to staff your chat platform 24/7 and spending thousands of dollars on salary and night shift differential, you will only need to invest once in your chatbot and for its maintenance. Chatbots can cater to each potential customer and answer queries all day and all night. Plus, it can yield the same results if not better at only a fraction of the cost. Imagine the number of leads and sales your chatbot can generate in a week and the amount of money you can save!

Available Anytime

Each potential customer takes their own time and path during a decision-making process, which may take days, months, and even years. But as soon as they’re ready to avail your service or buy your product, you need to be readily available to help them take the next step and close the deal. Unfortunately, being readily available 24/7 for multiple customers at a time is impossible. Any delay can also cause your potential customer to turn to your competitors. Good thing chatbots are always available on your site 24/7. With chatbots, you never have to worry about skipping out on a valuable lead just because no one was available to provide support and walk them through the sales process. Instead, you can be at ease knowing that a chatbot can do the primary work needed to convert a potential customer until one of your sales team is available.

Generate Leads in an Engaging Way

Asking a potential customer for their email, phone number, and a few other details are the least exciting process. Some businesses rely on forms to be filled up by a potential customer, but not everyone is patient enough or willing to go through this process. Good thing chatbots can make this process engaging. Instead of filling out a traditional form, your potential customers will instead have a friendly conversation with your company’s chatbot. They can type their names, email, and other details as a response to the chatbot’s questions. Doing this will keep them engaged until they have answered all the questions. It also helps eliminate the boring out of the process which can boost their site experience.

Minimize Waiting Times

Chatbots can provide the kind of promptness that any channel staffed by human support or sale can’t provide. Even the most efficient teams can sometimes get too busy handling inquiries that replying instantly to every customer is impossible. This can cause delays in responses, which can affect customer satisfaction and sales. Good thing on-site chat can minimize waiting times.

Whether it’s generating leads, providing customer support, responding to queries, or selling a product, using a chatbot can help minimize waiting times. A chatbot can help visitors navigate through the site easily, help solve problems that are encountered in your site or with your products or service, and it can answer promptly to various inquiries. Customers appreciate the instant response coming from your company.

Allows your Sales and Support Team to Focus on More Complex Issues

Some businesses think that chatbots replace their human sales and support staff, but that’s not true. Chatbots are there to simplify their work! Chatbots can help reduce their workload by handling simple queries and addressing other simpler issues that your visitors have so that your sales and support team can allocate their time more wisely and focus their time on addressing more complex issues. Not only can this help your team become more effective and efficient at converting leads to sales, but it can also help improve their quality of work and customer service.

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Start Building Profitable Customer Relationships using Chatbots

Standout among your competitors and win over potential customers by creating value and building strong, lasting customer relationships using chatbots. Not only will this AI software help you generate leads most effectively and cost-effectively possible, but it can also boost your potential customers’ site experience, which can positively affect your sales. And because chatbots are always available, you never have to worry about missing any strong leads.

Plus, integrating chatbots into your site allows your sales and support team to be more effective at closing deals and providing support by focusing more on complex issues. So if you’re looking for a way to improve customer experience on your site, generate quality leads and build profitable customer relationships, then invest in chatbots today! If you want to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and learn the best marketing techniques to apply to your business, then visit our website or visit our Facebook page and like it!

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