Cheap Monthly SEO Plan | Major FAQs You Should Answer

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Your business needs to have an accurate Google my Business listing. This is because you want your company to be the first search result that actively establishes your brand. Therefore, you should be able to address common FAQs on your current listing. Let’s take a look at how a cheap monthly SEO plan benefits you!


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Which FAQs Should I Use?

1. Basic Contact Information

For starters, it is essential that you are answering questions about how people can contact you directly. Not just in the form of phone calls, but emails, social media links, and more. Your listing needs to include your location and how people can access your company at multiple locations. Maybe your company has different processes at different locations and this should be noted on your FAQ.


2. Services/Products

Moreover, expect to brainstorm questions that are related to your product or service. Add FAQs that answer how your product works and where they can find it. Make sure to give specifics about what buying the product will do for the customer and do not include content that is already on your website.  People want to be able to have access to answers that immediately answer their queries about your product or service.


3. Directions/Hours

Furthermore, it is crucial that you are adding FAQs about how people can reach your business and certain hours you have. The directions should be answered based on where the majority of where your customers are coming from. For example, try to add directions based on customers coming from East or West in proximity to your location.

Plus, if you have any holiday or hourly changes make sure that you are addressing this in your FAQ!


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Do You Need a Cheap Monthly SEO Plan?

We know the importance of getting the latest techniques for your company. Make sure that you are paying attention to major FAQs that must be on your listing. Contact us today for a directory listing scan!

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