Cheap Monthly SEO Plan | Why You Need to Structure Your Website

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It is important that your company stays on top of the latest techniques to stay ahead of the digital marketing game. Your website should be optimized for SEO, in terms of content and structure. Let’s take a look at a cheap monthly SEO plan that benefits you!

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How Can I Optimize My Website?

1. Plan

In the first place, consistently plan the appearance of your website before launching. Take note of other websites that you would like to emulate or provides the inspiration to set up your new site. Test out different fonts, backgrounds, layouts, and more!


2. Page Slugs

Moreover, the actual page slugs are responsible for plenty of SEO traction. The page slugs refer to the URL for each page on your website accordingly. It should include your domain name separated by a backslash and the title of the page itself.

Therefore, this helps SEO because users will be able to search for pages that are related to your company.


3. Menu

Lastly, make sure that your navigation menu is easily readable to users. Avoid placing the menus in a sidebar and make sure that it is front and center. Make sure that the menu is linking to the appropriate pages, with strong SEO keywords for each.

Remember, simplicity is always the best way. Use your company colors and make it easy to use for your website visitors!


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Are You Looking for a Cheap Monthly SEO Plan?

All in all, it is essential that you are taking advantage of everything a good website has to offer. You can implement SEO keywords into your web pages, in order to maximize your online rankings. We ensure that you are receiving the best website maintenance and design to suit your needs. Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation!

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